A Simple Cleaning Tip For Your Showerheads And Sink Faucets

We all have little indulgences that keep us motivated and happy. Some look for the relaxation of a steaming hot shower, while others prefer a soak in a tub of fragrant warm water. But have you ever stopped to take a close look at the plumbing fixtures that make our little rituals and routines possible? […]

Cashing In On The Value Of Heating System Maintenance

Every household relies on their furnace to keep warm in the wintertime. But it can be so easy to forget about that virtual device in the warmer weather. Then on that first cold night of the fall, you flip the switch on the furnace and hope that it will not let you down. As you […]

Tips To Help You Safely Unclog A Toilet

It always seems like your home’s toilet clogs at the worst possible time. You could be getting ready to go to work or head to bed, but it never happens when you have nothing pressing to take care of or no place you need to go. So while it is tempting to close the bathroom […]

Are Space Heaters A Safe Alternative Heat Source?

Many homeowners try to keep their home heating costs down by using a space heater to warm a small area of their house. And while these devices do deliver a lot of heat in a small space, they also represent some significant risks, including a house fire or injury to your loved ones. In addition, […]

3 Significant Problems Related To Old Plumbing Lines

While you might have fallen in love with all the character and history wrapped up in your older home, be sure that you remain attentive to the potential associated issues with older water lines and plumbing. Most homeowners think that older homes were built with more attention to detail, quality materials, and workmanship, which will […]

How To Increase The Air Quality In Your Home

Living in a region with colder winter temperatures, you appreciate that your home is air-tight. Keeping warm air sealed inside your home is the best way to keep your heating costs as reasonable as possible. But what you might not be thinking about is that your air-tight home is also trapping a significant amount of […]

The Warning Signs Of A Slab Leak

Not all plumbing issues are the result of neglect or lack of care by homeowners. Some problems can be the result of factors far outside your control. But what is within your control is recognizing the signs of severe issues like a slab leak and calling in professional help immediately. Knowing what a slab leak […]

7 Reasons Its Time To Replace Your Furnace

Most homeowners are blissfully unaware of the condition of their home’s furnace. As long as it is heating their home somewhat well, they assume everything is fine. Maybe it is wishful thinking and hoping that they are not in for a costly replacement. But the fact is that they are willingly ignoring the signs that […]

OMG! This Can’t Be My Water Bill

Most homeowners are pretty good at guesstimating their monthly utility bills. So many never look at the actual bill until it is time to make the payment. But when you click on that email or open the envelope and see an astronomical number, you are sure there is something wrong. However, your thoughts are about […]

Signs Its Time For A New Furnace

In the middle of the winter is not a good time to learn that you need a new furnace. But as with most mechanical devices and equipment, your furnace will typically provide some warning signs that it is time to call your trusted HVAC pro for a price quote on a new unit. And there […]