Getting You Hose Bibs Ready For Summer

As the weather warms up, you are sure to be excited to get back outdoors and enjoy your yard. But before the heat hits, you want to be sure that your hose bibs and water lines are ready for summer use. Even if you have properly winterized these outdoor faucets, there is always the possibility […]

All You Need To Know About Dual-Element Water Heaters

If you are embarking on a search for a new water heater, you could be shocked to learn about all of the new technology available. For the most part, there are two camps. Some people love the latest trend in tankless water heaters. But many traditionalists are perfectly happy sticking to the standard tank-style unit […]

5 Indications It Is Time To Think About A New Furnace

Most homeowners give little thought to their home’s furnace. When the weather gets uncomfortably cold, you slide a little switch or push a button, and your furnace jumps to life. And even if you are careful about annual maintenance and changing the furnace filter, there will come a day when your current unit needs to […]

The Truth About Drain Cleaners From Your Trusted Plumber

You might think that drain cleaners are not very exciting. But if you continue to pour bottle after bottle of those harsh chemicals down your home’s drains, you are going to make a disturbing and costly discovery. Or you could save yourself some time, frustration, and a lot of cash by asking a plumber’s opinion […]

Is It Time For Smart Plumbing Devices?

Most homeowners will agree that utility costs continue to increase each year. And without taking some measures to reduce the use of energy and water, the bills are becoming a significant drain on their household budget. So it is very understandable why some of these thrifty homeowners are checking into smart devices to curb their […]

Critical Furnace Safety Maintenance Tips

Many homeowners rely on a gas furnace to heat their homes in the cold winter months. They love the added warmth and cost-effective gas heating. But there are also a few added safety precautions that every gas furnace owner should be aware of. And by following just a few safety tips, every homeowner can rest […]

How To Clean Up That Sewage Backup In Your Basement

When you discover sewage backup in the basement of your home, your first concern is whom to call for a solution to the flooding issue. Fortunately, the community has been relying on the services of the team at Action Air & Plumbing for years. And when it comes to sewer and drain issues, there is […]