Furnace Repair And Replacement Midland, Tx

Living in Midland, Tx, it is sometimes easy to forget about the vital role your heating system plays in maintaining your comfort and the well-being of your home. It provides you with the heat that you need. And it keeps your home warm enough to prevent damage from frozen pipes and issues that occur in colder temperatures. So it usually comes as a huge surprise when you discover that your furnace is not working correctly or at all. However, when you are faced with this uncomfortable bit of information, you only need to remember one number, (806) 787-6501. A call to Action Air & Plumbing is all that you need to do. Our trained technician will arrive promptly for your appointment and provide you with the information that you need to begin the process for your Furnace Repair and Replacement in Midland, Tx.

Action Air & Plumbing has been working in the Midland, Tx community for over 30 years to earn the reputation as the go-to HVAC contractor in the area. We offer repairs, maintenance, and installation of all of the leading makes and models of both residential and commercial heating systems. And what our customers appreciate the most is our dedication to helping them find the solution that best meets their needs and their budget. Don’t feel that you need to suffer through the cold weather with a furnace that is not working correctly and keeping your house warm. Call (806) 787-6501 today, and know that our Furnace Repair and Replacement technicians in Midland, Tx will work with you to find an acceptable solution to your heating system issues.

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    Common Furnace Issues

    You might think that there is only one issue that you might face where your furnace is concerned, not having any heat. But that is actually the result of many possible problems. Your furnace is a complex piece of equipment, and all of the components need to be functioning correctly for you to enjoy optimal heating throughout your home. Some of the more common issues that can cause you problems when heating your home include:

    • DEFECTIVE THERMOSTAT – Many older furnaces use a mercury-style thermostat, which is a manual unit, to measure the temperature and active the furnace as needed. These units are prone to inaccuracy as they age because the spring-like mechanism weakens over time. This can cause the heater to activate at the wrong temperature or even not at all. Replacing these older thermostats with a new programmable electronic model is the best way to solve these types of issues.
    • IGNITION PROBLEMS – Older gas furnaces, as well as some newer models, use a pilot light to ignite the main burner. A faulty thermocouple is often the cause of a defective pilot light or a pilot that goes out very often. Newer units that use an electronic ignition are an improvement. Still, these units can also fail at times due to bad wiring or wear.
    • STRANGE SOUNDS – While strange sounds are very annoying, they rarely result in having no heat. But these sounds are really a hint that there are going to be some serious issues with your furnace soon. It is not typical for a heating system to continually be making noise, other than the sound of the blower. Odd creaks, squeaks, and rattles are all indications that parts are wearing out or becoming loose within your furnace. Think of these weird noises as the death rattle of your heater. A fast call to (806) 787-6501 is the best way to address these small warning sounds before your furnace fails completely.
    • COLD ROOMS AND HOT ROOMS – It is not uncommon for homeowners to close the heat vents in rooms that are not being used. This became standard practice as heating costs increased, and consumers looked for ways to reduce their heating costs. But closing some of the vents in your home can result in poor airflow balance throughout the house. This can cause some rooms to feel very cold while other rooms are uncomfortably hot. Another cause of heat imbalance in your home is an issue with your ductwork. This could be a blockage in a duct or damage that is allowing warm air to escape before reaching the intended room.

    While all of these issues are annoying, they can be eliminated by the professionals at Action Air & Plumbing. Give us a call at (806) 787-6501 and let us get your furnace operating correctly so that you can be warm and comfortable in your home.

    Furnace Repair

    At Action Air & Plumbing, our technicians are factory trained to repair all brands of heating systems. In many cases, it is only a small part that has failed. Our pros will quickly locate the issue, provide you with a complete cost quote for the repair, and then make the repair with your approval of the quote. We can restore heat to our customer’s homes on almost every service call we make. We will also mention any maintenance that needs to be addressed to improve the function of your furnace and increase its life expectancy.

    Furnace Replacement

    The simple truth is that not every furnace can be fixed or should be fixed. Older units that are far past their prime are going to continue to have issues and require expensive repairs. If your furnace is old or in grave disrepair, we will provide you with our recommendation for a replacement unit. However, we do understand that a new heater is a significant expense. So we will work with you in any way that we can to lessen the financial impact of this replacement.

    In some cases, we can make a temporary repair to allow our client more time to budget for a new heating system. In other cases, we can recommend a less costly replacement unit. But our goal is always to focus on finding the solution that works best for you financially and to meet your heating needs.

    When you find that your furnace is not working correctly, don’t panic. Call the team that you can trust for an honest evaluation of your heating system and cost-effective solutions for Furnace Repair and Replacement in Midland, Tx. The Action Air & Plumbing team is always just a call away at (806) 787-6501.