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Homeowners need to understand that any water leak in their home could become a severe problem. When left unrepaired, these leaks can create a perfect environment for toxic black mold growth and other structural damage to their homes. Whenever you see a leak or even think that you might have a leak, call (806) 787-6501 immediately to schedule an appointment with a Action Air & Plumbing leak detection specialist in Midland, Tx.

Our team has been providing exceptional plumbing service to the residents of Midland, Tx for 30 years, and we know that fast action can make a big difference in the outcome of a plumbing emergency. We offer immediate emergency appointments, same day, evening, and weekend appointments to ease your scheduling challenges. Our Midland, Tx leak detection specialists will locate your leak quickly and then provide you with as many cost-effective options as possible to fix the leak and eliminate your need for concern.

Types Of Plumbing Leaks

Not only is water a precious natural resource, but it also costs you your hard-earned money, so you should never waste it. Even small leaks will, over time, add up to a substantial waste of water. The two categories for all plumbing leaks are overt leaks and hidden leaks.

Overt leaks are easy to see or hear and can include:

  • A dripping faucet or shower
  • Running toilet
  • A leaking hose to an appliance like a washer, dishwasher, or water dispenser
  • A leaking water heater
  • A leaking pipe under a sink

Hidden leaks are the ones that you can’t see or hear. These can be more challenging to locate and can cause a great deal of water damage to your home. The most worrisome hidden leaks are the ones that are found under the slab foundation of your home.

What Is A Slab Leak

Slab leaks occur under homes that are built on a concrete slab foundation. The water pipes for the home run under the concrete and then are stubbed up through the foundation at fixture locations such as sinks or showers. If the soil under a slab foundation shifts due to settling or extreme temperature changes, the result is often damage to the water pipes. This damage could be a tiny crack that only drips or the pipe could shatter, and water will flow freely. Quickly finding and repairing any slab leak, no matter how small it may be, is critical to limiting the water damage to your home.

Locating Slab Leaks

It is impossible to see a water leak under a slab of concrete. And it is also challenging to hear water running under thick concrete. However, the professional leak detection specialists of Midland, Tx from Action Air & Plumbing can hear these types of leaks using the latest in sound amplification equipment. This tool allows our team to hear even a tiny drip of water under a concrete foundation and determine precisely where the leak is located. Our pros also use other techniques, including pressure testing and pipe isolation, when finding a slab leak.

Fixing A Slab Leak

Fixing a leak under a massive sheet of concrete can be challenging. When the leak is near the edge of the foundation, it is often possible to dig under the concrete to expose the leak and make the repair. In other cases, it is not possible to dig to the leak. Instead, it is more cost-effective to abandon the leaking pipe and install a replacement pipe in the wall, floor, or crawl space of the home.

As a last resort, it is possible to cut a small hole in the foundation to expose the leaking pipe and make the repair. After the leak is eliminated, our licensed plumber will pressure test the line to be sure that the repair is sound and that there are no other leaks in the pipe. Once the pipe’s integrity is proven, the hole in the foundation can be patched.

Once any slab leak is located, our leak detection specialist of Midland, Tx will describe the location to you and also explain your options for repairing the leak. Each option will also include a price quote so that you know precisely what you will be charged for the repair. Our goal is always to work with our clients to determine the best solution and the most affordable price.

Any time you think water is leaking in or under your home, call (806) 787-6501 immediately. The faster you call the pros at Action Air & Plumbing, the faster we can locate the leak and eliminate your need for concern. Waiting even a day or two to call us can result in damage to the foundation and interior of your home. Also, the longer those nasty wet conditions exist under your home, the higher the potential for toxic black mold to begin to grow. This mold is linked to breathing and other health issues and can require professional removal and clean-up to ensure the safety and health of your family. Leak Detection in Midland, Tx is not uncommon. Call the pros at (806) 787-6501 today and know that we will find and fix any leak in your home quickly and efficiently. 

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