Furnace Repair And Replacement Odessa, Tx

The furnace that keeps your home warm and comfortable is not a piece of equipment that most homeowners believe to be very complex. However, that idea changes very quickly when you wake up to a cold house and are unable to get your heating system to function. After a few minutes of checking that you have power and trying to activate the thermostat, most homeowners are frustrated, annoyed, and cold. But you can avoid all of that by calling (806) 787-6501 for the most convenient Furnace Repair and Replacement in Odessa, Tx. At Action Air & Plumbing, we offer all of the services that you will ever need to keep your furnace functioning correctly and your home warm and cozy.

We understand that when your furnace is not working, your home will become uncomfortable very quickly. And that chilling temperature can be even more dangerous for small children, the elderly, or someone with a health condition. For that reason, our technicians are on call 24/7 so that you never need to wait for days in a cold house. When you see the Action Air & Plumbing truck pull up to your home, rest assured that you will have one or more solutions to your furnace issue very quickly. Also, a complete cost estimate for each option and professional input and guidance from our technician.

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    Common Furnace Issue

    Heating your home is the only job that you expect your furnace to perform. But that one essential job can be interrupted for many different reasons. Today’s heating systems are very complex pieces of equipment that rely on both mechanical and electronic components to operate. When you are experiencing an issue, it is never wise to try to fix your furnace yourself. Only rely on the trained professionals at Action Air & Plumbing to evaluate your furnace, provide you with an estimate for the needed repair, and perform the work for you.

    Some of the most common problems related to furnaces include:

    • Thermostat Problems- The thermostat is the device that turns your heater on when the temperature is too cold and off when the set temperature is achieved. These devices can be mechanical or electronic. If the thermostat is not monitoring the air temperature in your home correctly, then the furnace does not operate correctly to warm your house for you. A Action Air & Plumbing pro can quickly determine if your thermostat is malfunctioning and get it repaired so that your home will be warm for you and your family.
    • Pilot Or Ignition Problems- Most furnaces have either a pilot or hot surface ignition, which is responsible for lighting the burner. This is what creates the warm air that is going to keep your home warm in cold weather. These are technical pieces of equipment, and you should not attempt to fix or replace them. When you are not getting any warm air from your furnace, even when the thermostat is functioning correctly and activating the heat, a call to (806) 787-6501 is your best choice. A Action Air & Plumbing technician can access your ignition problem quickly and safely.
    • Air Flow Problems- Many mechanical parts within your furnace must function together to move the warm air throughout your home. Parts like belts, fan motors, and bearings all need to be kept in good working order for the warm air to flow. This is one reason that regular maintenance will go a long way to increase the life expectancy of your heating system. Airflow issues also occur when there is a blockage or damage to the ductwork in your home. A Action Air & Plumbing tech can determine what is causing your airflow issues and provide you with options to get the problem fixed.
    • Filter Problems- The most common issue related to air filters on your heating system is a clog. Think about what an air filter is designed to do for a moment. These filters are meant to collect the dirt and debris from the air before it enters the furnace. So when the filter does its job correctly, it becomes covered with dirt. And if you don’t replace the dirty filter with a new one regularly, the dirty filter will become clogged and cause your furnace to malfunction. Also, a clogged filter will place added stress on your furnace, which will cause it to wear out more quickly than a well-maintained unit.

    Furnace Repair

    When you have no heat in your home, you need to call a Furnace Repair and Replacement professional of Odessa, Tx that you know you can trust. Action Air & Plumbing has been the trusted HVAC service in Odessa, Tx for over 30 years. We earned the trust of your friends and neighbors by providing high-quality workmanship, honest evaluations of furnaces, and fair pricing for all of your recommended work. We also go the extra mile to work with any customer who is unsure about repairing or replacing their heating system. Our goal is to find the solution to your heating issue that best meets your needs and budget. Call us 24/7 at (806) 787-6501 for fast and professional Furnace Repair and Replacement in Odessa, Tx.

    Furnace Replacement

    Furnaces have a limited life expectancy, which falls into the 15 to 20-year range, depending on the amount of use. In almost every case, cases, we can repair your outdated furnace for you. But in some situations, we feel that we need to inform you that a replacement would be a more economical solution for you in the long run. We install all makes and models of heating systems. And we will work with you to find the appropriate unit that will heat your home efficiently and fit within your budget. Call (806) 787-6501 when you have a problem with your furnace and allow us to provide you with your options for a repair or replacement.

    Action Air & Plumbing was built on the idea that if we provide the best service to our customers, they will reward us with a lifetime of business. We believe our job is to do whatever we can to make sure that your furnace is working correctly and safely and that we provide you with options that will work for your budget. Call us at (806) 787-6501 today and know that we will work with you to find a solution quickly and affordably for any Furnace Repair and Replacement in Odessa, Tx.