Many different factors can affect how your heating and cooling system operates. The wild and sometimes crazy weather of Texas is one of these factors. You have control over many things that keep your system running smoothly, but unfortunately, you cannot control Mother Nature. Annual maintenance provides long-lasting efficiency and safety but cannot stop earth, wind, and water.

Heat Waves

Extreme heat is a reality of Lubbock summers. When the mercury tops 100, you might feel the heat inside your home. Your air conditioner works best within 15 to 25 degrees of the outside temperature. Beyond this range, your system may struggle to keep up. Even the newest and most powerful cooling systems may not get you down to 70 degrees or below as you might like.

When a heat wave strikes, you should implement alternate cooling methods to combat the extreme temperatures and stay comfortable at home. Use your ceiling fans in a counterclockwise direction to move cold air around. Close your blinds during the day to keep the sunlight out. Hang clothes to dry out on the clothesline to avoid using the dryer and creating heat in the house. Cook outside on the grill or enjoy a cold meal on extremely hot days, keeping your oven off and your kitchen cool.

Strong Winds

Mighty and dangerous Texas storms often pack damaging winds. These windy conditions can wreak havoc on your HVAC system, particularly your outdoor units. Large objects blowing around could damage your unit. A tree falling on your AC could spell destruction. Debris blowing into your air conditioner could prevent proper operation and leave you without cold air.

Protect your outdoor air conditioner by storing large items away from the unit. Keep a two- to three-foot clearance around the AC, trimming back bushes and shrubs to lower the risk of debris flying into the unit. Hail guards are an add-on that you can purchase to protect the machine from wind-blown debris as well.


Flood waters can damage the electrical components of your HVAC system and lead to corrosion. When placing your outdoor unit, it helps to install the AC on an elevated surface to reduce the risk of flood damage. You might also consider a french drain or trench system to keep water from pooling around the unit and destroying components. Fifteen inches or more of water rising on your unit can cause catastrophic damage to the machine. If you’ve experienced flooding around your AC, call a professional HVAC technician to inspect the unit before using it again.

Power Outages

High winds associated with severe storms can knock out power as power lines and poles are destroyed. Without power, you’ll be unable to use your HVAC system.

A whole-home generator is a great way to provide backup power in the event of a power outage in Lubbock. When the power fails, your generator will kick in to provide enough power for your HVAC system to operate. This allows you to keep the comfort of cool air while crews repair storm damage.

Excessive Dust and Debris

Strong winds kick up a lot of dirt and dust. With dusty conditions outdoors, you’ll find more dust inside your home. Your HVAC system has air filters to block dust, dirt, and allergens from entering your unit and blowing through the vents. However, these filters need to be changed at least once every three months to continue to block contaminants. During periods of excessive dust, you may need to change the filters as often as every few weeks.

Deep Freezes

Winter usually isn’t too extreme in Lubbock. Most Texans enjoy the cooler temps of winter without freezing as those in the northern states do. However, some winter days can see temperatures at or below freezing point, sometimes for days on end. This type of deep freeze makes heating your home and staying comfortable more difficult.

Most furnaces can keep your home warm during an especially cold winter. However, many homeowners in Texas rely on heat pumps. Heat pumps may not be able to carry you through a deep freeze comfortably. For cold spells, you’ll want to boost the heating system in your home using alternative methods of warmth.

Don’t let the crazy weather in Lubbock keep you from being comfortable inside your own home. Our HVAC technicians can help you keep your system efficient, safe, and reliable through detailed inspection and maintenance, quality repairs, and expert installation. Our company is highly skilled with air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and mini-splits. We also offer comprehensive household plumbing services including drain cleaning, repiping, and water heater installation. Other plumbing services provided by our trained and experienced plumbers include water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, and septic tank services.

Stop letting the weather get in the way of your home comfort in Lubbock, Texas. Keep your HVAC system efficient and working at peak levels with help from the professional technicians at Action Air Plumbing and Septic.

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