While you might have fallen in love with all the character and history wrapped up in your older home, be sure that you remain attentive to the potential associated issues with older water lines and plumbing. Most homeowners think that older homes were built with more attention to detail, quality materials, and workmanship, which will last forever. However, nothing lasts forever, especially old plumbing components.

Homeowners need to know that a few issues will eventually occur in their classic homes as the water and drain lines begin to age and deteriorate. Paying close attention to how your plumbing functions and calling in a licensed plumber when something changes is the best way to avoid costly water damage to your older home and your personal belongings. Below are three challenges that you will face as your home’s piping reaches the end of its dependability.


If your home has iron water and drain lines, you are sure to notice some rust contamination from time to time. These old pipes were the best option back when the house was built, but today’s modern materials are far superior. So as you notice bits of rust and metal flakes in your water, it is time to consider a whole-house repiping project.

The rust lets you know that the integrity of the water lines is compromised and could soon cause a massive leak. In addition, there are many health and safety issues related to water that is contaminated by rust. The only way to eliminate the possibility of a ruptured water line or illness from rust contamination is to replace the old pipes with new, more durable, and reliable piping.

Mineral Buildup

After years of delivering water throughout your home, there is sure to be mineral buildup inside the water lines. The harder the water in your community, the more sediment there will be in the piping. As the buildup increases, it restricts the flow inside the water lines and results in low water pressure in your home. A water softener can reduce the impact of mineral buildup inside your water pipes. But if there was no softener in place before you purchased the house, know that installing a water softener will not reverse any of the damage that has already been done. If there is extensive mineral buildup, consider repiping the house and then installing a water softener to eliminate the possibility of future damage to the new pipes.

Tree Root Invasions

Tree roots can cause severe damage to the water supply lines and sewer lines of older homes. If there are trees located near either of these essential pipes, it is a good idea to schedule a video plumbing inspection each year. This inspection will show your plumber a clear image of the inside of the pipes to determine if there are any tree root invasions or damage caused by roots growing around the lines.

Once a water or sewer line is compromised, roots will continue to grow into it and block the water flow into your home or the sewage out of your home. In some cases, a repair to the damaged section of the pipe will provide a reliable solution. However, if the line is old and iron, a replacement is the best choice.

If you are noticing less reliability in your older home’s water or drain lines, call 806-583-3558. The licensed plumbers at Action Air Plumbing and Septic will locate any issues and provide you with as many cost-effective repair and replacement options as possible. And all of the work will be backed by a full warranty on parts and labor.

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