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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Lubbock, TX

A clogged drain is not just an inconvenience, it can also be health hazard. The Licensed Plumbers at Action Air & Plumbing have the experience and tools to clear your stopped up drain quickly, and effectively.

Most stoppages can be cleared easily using a snake, however greasy kitchen lines or pipes with a lot of build up require a more complete cleaning of the drain line. Using our Hydro Jetter we can scrub your pipes clean using high pressure water and specialized nozzles.

For over 2 decades our team of plumbers has provided clogged drain cleaning in Lubbock and it’s surrounding areas. Whether it’s a bathroom shower or tub that won’t drain, or a backed up kitchen sink we have the toes and experience to clear it quickly at a price you can afford.

Drain Cleaning Services Offered in Lubbock:

Our Drain Cleaning Process

Our process for clearing your home or businesses clogged drain will vary slightly depending on the severity of the situation. For example, a clogged toilet may only require some plunging and old fashioned elbow grease to clear. However, a completely backed up toilet with a serious clog down the line may require the toilet to be removed so that a camera can be ran down the line to put an eye on the source of the clog. The process might change again when dealing with a bathtub or shower drain clog that is a reocurring event. Typically this is a sign of a serious clog down the drain line. Most of the time we can use a piece of equipment called a plumbing snake to remove debris that has built up in the line and is responsible for causing the slow-draining issue. For the most severely clogged drain lines we may need to utilize our hydro-jetter. This is a specialized piece of plumbing equipment built to push water through pipes at very high speeds.

No matter the location or cause of your clogged drain you can rest assured that we have both the experience and expertise to clear it fast! Give us a call today to schedule your clogged drain cleaning service in Lubbock, Texas. We are standing by ready to help!

Leading Causes of Clogged Drains

Hair & Soap Scum

Far and away, the most common causes of clogged tub & shower drains are soap scum and hair buildup. From shaving in the shower, to natural hair loss that occurs over time,  hair build up is inevitable. Couple that with the use of bar soap and you’ve got the perfect clogging agent. Switching from bar soap to liquid soap is a highly recommended practice for home’s with more dated plumbing. This can reduce a major bulking agent and limit the amount of clogs that occur down the drain line.

Pro Tip: Insert a drain stopper in your home’s showers & tubs to catch hair and bar soap pieces before they find their way into your pipes.

Food Waste & Grease

Although we are certain that the advent of the garbage disposal initially lead to fewer clogged kitchen drain lines, we are not so certain that this is true today. Garbage disposals do a great job at breaking up food waste but they also encourage homeowners or renters to dump food waste into the sink rather than discarding of it in the trash. Solid food debris and kitchen grease that flows down your kitchen drain can clog the p-trap underneath the sink and lead to foul odors and backed up plumbing.

Pro Tip: Throw all solid food waste into the garbage and never discard of cooking fats/grease down the kitchen sink in your home.

Foreign Objects

When it comes to clogged or backed up toilets the number one culprit is foreign objects that have been accidentally flushed. This includes falsely labeled non-flushable wipes that have become increasingly popular over the years. Toys, feminine hygiene products, napkins, jewelry, we have seen clogs do to any number of different items. If you suspect a foreign object is causing a clog in your homes plumbing system give Action Air & Plumbing a call to schedule your same day clogged drain cleaning in Lubbock. We will get your drains flowing like new!

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Tiffany Bradley
Tiffany Bradley
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"Very prompt and courteous. Called me an hour before our scheduled window, asking if they could come ahead of time. Upon arrival, they listened to my description of the issue, my questions and concerns, then gave me sound advice. After clearing clogged drain, they stayed behind, cleaning up a mess that wasn’t their fault. They are MY guys from now on."
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Kaz Surowiec
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"Very reliable technicians. After making the appointment they called before coming so I could be ready. They were punctual and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!"
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Nathaniel Riley
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"They were quick and professional. When they ran into a problem, my plumbing is old, they reacted adapted and overcame. Keeping me informed the entire time."