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Signs Your Septic System is Failing

The biggest reason why septic tanks wind up failing, or needing repair, is because the homeowner fails to maintain them properly. Septic tanks should be emptied at least once per year, especially if you do a lot of laundry and run the dishwasher at least once per day. The longer you go without emptying the septic tank the more likely it is that the gasses in the tank can cause it to deteriorate. Septic tanks have a lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced during your time as a homeowner. Letting a septic system go without repair can be a health hazard for you, your family members, and your pets.

Reasons You Need Septic System Repair in Lubbock, TX

There are a handful of reasons why you might need septic system repair in Lubbock, TX. Let’s review just a few of the most common reasons in this section.

Failing Drainfield

A drainfield that has failed is one of the most common reasons why you would need septic system repair at your home in Lubbock. A failing drainfield can lead to sewage backup into your home, saturated with water, odors near it, bright green grass over top of it and more. These are all serious issues that need to be prevented, or addressed, before they ruin the health of your home. When the drainfield fails it could be the biggest sign that the septic system has run its course and likely needs to be replaced instead of repaired.

Clogs in the Effluent Filter or Outlet Baffle

If there are clogs found in the effluent filter or outlet baffle it could be a sign that the system is receiving too much water in a short amount of time. The sign that you have a clog in the effluent filter or outlet baffle includes sewage that backs up into your home or that comes to the surface around the actual tank itself.

Clogs in a Pipe Running from Home to Tank

A clog found in the pipe that runs from your home to the tank will undoubtedly cause a lot of problems with your septic system. When there is a clog in this pipe you will notice that all the drains in your home (sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, washing machines) will drain very slowly, sometimes not at all. Do not ignore this warning sign. The best way to avoid clogs is to only flush human waste and water down the drains. Clean sink and shower drains of hair and food debris so the debris doesn’t clog the pipe. This is an easy septic system fix as a plumber will be able to snake the pipe to clean it out.

Blockage in the Inlet Baffle

The inlet baffle to the septic tank is an important part of the system. When this becomes clogged none of the waste will flow freely from the house to the tank. If you have access to the inlet baffle you can check it yourself for any clogs. Clogs can be broken up using a pole of some sort. Just make sure you don’t do any damage to the inlet or other parts of the system. If the clog cannot be broken up with a pole make sure you contact an experienced plumber to get to the bottom of the clog.

Common Septic System Repairs

The most common septic system repairs that the team at Action Air & Plumbing in Lubbock, TX handles include the following:

  • Repairing piping of the drainfield: these pipes are often known to shift and break because of the shifting of the ground or because of tree root growth. The drainfield will need to be excavated in order to repair the pipes.
  • Emergency pumping of the tank: if sewage has backed up into your yard or into your home you will need to have the septic tank pumped in an emergency. Tanks should be pumped each year to remove the sludge that has built up. An emergency pump is usually needed because the sludge is blocking the outtake and intake lines.
  • Broken septic baffle replacement: the baffles that are installed inside a septic tank are done so to prevent solid waste from exiting the tank and reaching the drainfield, which is only for liquid. Baffles suffer damage from rust or sulfuric acid and need to be replaced every now and then. These can only be replaced by professionals, who will also be able to tell you if there is any other damage to the tank that could mean replacement is in your future.

Contact an Experienced Septic System Repair Team Today

Has your septic system failed? Has it exhibited any of the warning signs mentioned here? If so, it’s time to contact an experienced septic system repair team in Lubbock, TX. The trusted plumbers at Action Air & Plumbing can be dispatched to your location within minutes to diagnose any issues you are having with your septic system. Call the office at 806-787-6501 for emergency service or to schedule an appointment.