Lubbock Septic Repair

If your residential or commercial property in or around Lubbock is having issues with its septic system, our plumbers can help. Septic systems are still commonly found throughout Lubbock, TX, and its surrounding townships and cities. Many of them don’t have the infrastructure or budget to run sewer lines, which is why thousands of homes in the area still operate using a septic system. The moment you realize there’s something wrong with your septic system you need to put your trust in an experienced septic system repair team in Lubbock, TX. You can trust the team at Action Air Plumbing and Septic for all your septic system pumping & repair needs.

Living in a home with a septic system requires a lot of care. You need to make sure you aren’t dumping food scraps down the kitchen sink drain, pay close attention to what’s being flushed down toilets, and have proper filters or screens placed on bathtub and shower drains. You also need to make sure you use septic-safe toilet paper that prevents clogs.

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