Not having a functional air conditioner in your home is simply not an option. So as soon as you notice an issue with the sound of your AC or the amount of cool air it is generating, you immediately feel stressed. It could be that your budget is tight, and the repair cost could be hard to cover. Or you know that a heatwave is coming and living without AC for even a single day will be miserable. But you know that there is no way around getting your air conditioner repaired so that you can survive another summer.

To avoid this upsetting and uncomfortable situation in the future, there are a few tips that every homeowner should know to help avoid costly AC repairs in the future. In addition, regular care and maintenance, along with these tips, will help you to increase your AC’s life expectancy to get the most service you can out of this significant investment.

Filter Changes

Changing the filters on your AC unit is a simple task that will go a long way to extending the life of your unit and the amount of cold air that you are enjoying in your home. Air conditioner filters can be purchased at your local big-box store for just a few dollars each. But be sure to check the size of your filters before going to the store as there are a variety of options.

When you change the filter, take a moment to dust inside the chamber and carefully dispose of the dirty filter, so you do not get dust and dirt all over your home. Many homeowners replace AC filters quarterly. But you can judge the level of dust and dirt on the current filter to determine if you should replace yours more often. A clean filter will increase the airflow to your AC and allow it to function more efficiently and cost-effectively. A clogged filter can result in the unit being overworked and a shortened life expectancy, as well as premature wear and tear.

Raise Your Thermostat

As your AC ages, it becomes less efficient. If you are not in a position to replace it, your first instinct might be to turn the thermostat down to make your home more comfortable. However, that is actually the wrong way to look at this problem. By turning the thermostat down, you will be making the AC work even harder. This increase will cause the unit to wear out even faster. Instead, turn the thermostat up just a degree or two to lessen its workload. It will not make your home feel noticeably warmer, but it will reduce the stress on your older equipment and help you to nurse it through another hot summer.

No Air Conditioning At All

If you could discover that your air conditioner is not running at all, it could be as simple as a power issue. Living in an area prone to storms or power surges or failures, you should always inspect your fuse box or breaker box before calling in an AC service professional. The issue could be as simple as a tripped breaker or blown fuse. You can reset the breaker or replace the fuse and save yourself the cost of an AC service call. However, if you find that the breaker trips repeatedly and for no apparent reason, the issue is more serious and will require professional help.

When you are on a tight budget, having an issue with your home’s air conditioning can be very upsetting. But it is important to remember that calling in a professional to fix a small issue is much more cost-effective than waiting until the damage is severe and the expense is huge. If one of the simple tips above does not solve the problem, then a call to the pros at Action Air & Plumbing should be your next step.

We offer same day and emergency service when your AC fails completely. And our rates are always reasonable, even for night and weekend appointments. Our goal is always to provide clients with options to restore their AC that also work within their budget. So please don’t suffer from no AC this summer. Call 806-583-3558 for fast and affordable solutions to your air conditioning problem.

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