The intense heat in Lubbock, TX means you’ll want to crank your air conditioner up every chance you get. However, doing so isn’t always the best idea. Here are four tips to reduce the wear and tear on your AC.

1. Change Your Air Filter Frequently

If you tend to forget about the air filter on your cooling system, you should write yourself a note on your calendar. It’s important to change your filter at least once every three months. Change it more often if you have pets. A clogged air filter will prevent the air from freely circulating in your home. This, in turn, puts a strain on your AC and forces it to work harder. By changing your air filters regularly, you’ll also keep dust and dirt out of the AC system.

2. Upgrade the Insulation in Your Home

There may be a lot of air leaks in your home. Over the summer, these air leaks let in warm air, increasing the temperature of your home. As a result, your cooling system must work harder to cool the air. A good way to reduce this wear and tear on your AC is to improve the insulation in every room. Cold air can escape through your walls, from your attic, and around your windows. Look for any signs of air leaking through these areas, and fix them before the summer rolls around.

3. Schedule Annual Maintenance

Because Lubbock, TX gets so hot, your air conditioner will see a lot of use. When temperatures hit 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors and you have your air conditioner set at 78 degrees, your AC is going to have to work very hard to bring down the temperature in your home. Over a span of three months, your AC is going to see a lot of wear and tear. Scheduling annual maintenance with our technicians is crucial. Our technicians can replace worn-out parts and inspect your entire system to make sure that it’s working well. They will check for leaks and lubricate parts, and they can give you tips for extending your AC’s lifespan.

4. Consider Getting a Programmable Thermostat

When you invest in a programmable thermostat, what it really means is that you’re giving your AC a break. You can have your AC turn off during the times you’re not home and turn on about 30 minutes before you return. Sometimes, you may simply forget to turn off your manual thermostat when you leave home for work. A programmable thermostat can not only lower your energy bill, but it can also help reduce the amount of time your AC has to cool your home.

An air conditioner is an expensive appliance, so it’s important that you take good care of it. Follow these tips to reduce wear and tear on your cooling system, and call us at Action Air Plumbing and Septic if you need AC services.

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