Most homeowners are blissfully unaware of the condition of their home’s furnace. As long as it is heating their home somewhat well, they assume everything is fine. Maybe it is wishful thinking and hoping that they are not in for a costly replacement. But the fact is that they are willingly ignoring the signs that it is time to get a replacement. And with cost being a significant factor for many homeowners, it is essential to see the early signs. So you can start socking away some money before your furnace leaves you in a cold house with no heat. Seven of the most common symptoms and factors to consider when evaluating your furnace include:

  1. AGE- No matter how well you care for your furnace, old age will catch up with it. And if you have not provided the regular service and clean air filters it needs to increase its longevity, you need to take that into account. The average lifespan for a furnace is 15-20 years. And that number is based on it receiving some regular care and maintenance. Other factors that will impact the life of your furnace include the climate you live in and how much the unit is used. Even if you live in a cold region, you could get 20 years of service if you are also heating your home with a fireplace or woodstove.
  2. Operating Cost- Even if your home is warm and cozy, your furnace could be at the end of its life. And that will become apparent as your heating costs continue to rise. This tells you that the unit is not operating efficiently and will not be in service much longer. While you will be investing a substantial amount in a new furnace, you will enjoy far lower utility bills. Modern units are far more energy efficient than a unit made almost two decades ago.
  3. Excessive Dust And Dirt- Older units tend to develop leaks that allow dust to enter the system. When you can’t seem to eliminate the dust in your home, no matter how often you clean, the issue could be your furnace. And that dust is also inhibiting its efficiency.  
  4. Uneven Heating-When you find that some rooms in your home are not as warm as others, it is a sign that your furnace is no longer able to circulate the heated air properly. If you try to compensate for the cooler rooms, your energy bill skyrockets.
  5. Odd Noises- All furnaces make some sounds. But when you start to hear banging, crackling, or loud rattling, you should understand that something is not right. These sounds usually indicate that something has broken loose inside the furnace and is damaging the other components as it bangs around inside the unit.
  6. Visible Rust Or Cracks- When you begin to notice damage or deterioration on the outside of your furnace, it is time to start shopping for a replacement. That damage will allow dust and dirt into the unit and decrease its efficiency. And when the exterior wears out, assume that the internal parts are in equally poor condition.
  7. Frequent Repairs- When your repair costs reach a quarter of the cost of a new furnace, the intelligent choice is a replacement. It will lower your utility bills and help you avoid waking up to a cold house.

As soon as you notice some or all of these seven warning signs, call 806-583-3558. The pros at Action Air & Plumbing will evaluate your home’s heating needs and provide you with a free price quote for a new furnace.

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