Every household relies on their furnace to keep warm in the wintertime. But it can be so easy to forget about that virtual device in the warmer weather. Then on that first cold night of the fall, you flip the switch on the furnace and hope that it will not let you down. As you hear the first rumblings of the machine coming to life, you breathe a sigh of relief and all but forget about the condition of your home’s only heat source. The thought of service and preventative maintenance never crosses your mind.

Preventing A Catastrophe

All machinery and equipment begin to succumb to wear and tear after years of use. And in the case of your home’s furnace, that wear and tear can mean loose connections, years of dust and gunk built up inside the chamber, and even clogged gas lines. Each time one of these minor glitches worsens, you could be calling an HVAC professional to come and make a repair. And over time, those bills begin to add up. But there is no way to make it through a cold winter without a furnace.

The smart investment is an annual check-up or tune-up for your home’s furnace. The concept is much like a tune-up for your vehicle. The HVAC expert takes a close look at all of the furnace components to look for signs of wear that could result in a failure of the system. Locating and repairing these minor issues is always more affordable than waiting until the damage is more extensive and possibly even breaks other crucial parts. In addition, your furnace gets a thorough cleaning to eliminate the dust and dirt that has collected over the summertime.

Locating And Repairing Leaks

Leaks in a heating system cost homeowners a significant amount of money and compromise their comfort. But unless you have your furnace and ductwork professionally inspected, you will never know that a simple leak is the reason for the high heating bills and lack of warmth in your home. A single leak in a duct can result in as much as a 30% loss of heat, making some parts of your home significantly cooler than others.

If you are heating with a boiler system or heat pump, leaks carry even more significance. A water leak in a boiler system or the coolant in a heat pump means that the system is losing its ability to create warmth for your home. A leaking boiler is also prone to making costly water damage to your home. And a coolant leak presents safety and health hazards as the chemical-based liquid is toxic.

The Value In Proactive Service

 No homeowner wants to face a night with no heat. But that is what could happen if you do not schedule an annual furnace inspection. You will have no choice but to call and make time for a service call at the time of the failure, even if it does not work with your schedule. So you are paying for the emergency HVAC service, missing work or some other commitment, and suffering in a cold house.

The smart and cost-effective choice is proactive service to ensure that your furnace is in peak operating condition. It will serve you well for the winter months, but also into the future. Furnaces that receive regular care and professional maintenance last years longer than those that get minimal care and service.

For professional, proactive furnace maintenance, call us. The certified experts at Action Air & Plumbing work on all makes and models of furnaces, and a full warranty backs all of our service and repairs.

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