Poor water pressure is often something that occurs over time. And in most cases, you can’t look back and determine when the issue began. You just know that the result is a less than satisfying shower and even challenges rinsing dishes. And to make matters worse, there are many reasons that your home could have fallen victim to reduced water pressure. The best way to discover the underlying problem with your home’s water pressure is to call 806-583-3558 and schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber from Action Air & Plumbing. Our pros have years of experience and can zero in on the cause of your low water pressure and provide you with options to correct the problem.

Clogs And Blockages

When you are experiencing poor water pressure in a newer home, the issue is almost always a clog or blockage somewhere in your water supply piping and fixtures. In a brand new home, the issue could be as simple as a water meter or shut off valve that is not entirely open. In a slightly older home, the problem is more likely to be an issue with a valve, such as a clog or a blockage. Sometimes when the city water supply lines have been damaged, debris will wash through the lines and become lodged at the narrow pipe or valve leading to your property.

Your issue could also be due to a clog or blockage if you have recently had a break in your water lines, which allowed some type of contamination into the pipes. The best way to determine if there is a blockage is to contact the pros at Action Air & Plumbing to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers.

Failing Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators are installed on plumbing systems to protect your pipes and appliances from excessive water pressure. While low water pressure is an issue that you have become familiar with, high water pressure is also a very serious concern. When the water pressure exceeds safe levels, it can burst pipes and cause undue wear and tear on all of the piping and fixtures in your home. A failing pressure regulator does not control the pressure correctly, and you could notice times of excessive water pressure and also times with almost no water pressure. A Action Air & Plumbing pro will inspect your pressure regulator to determine is is is functioning correctly or if it is the cause of your reduced water pressure.

Old Pipes

Every component in your home wears out at some point. And in the case of old plumbing pipes, you will begin to find reoccurring leaks and also suffer low water pressure due to corrosion inside the pipes. Both of these issues can become very concerning and expensive to repair. Eventually, the corrosion will eat away at the pipes and create many leaks throughout your home. The only solution to avoiding costly water damage and excessive repair bills is to repipe your home. A Action Air & Plumbing plumber will be able to inspect your plumbing pipes and tell you if it is time to consider repiping your home. Or if there is any other viable solution for your aging plumbing.

Water Leaks

Water leaks might be the scariest cause of low water pressure because many times, you don’t think that you could possibly have a water leak in your home. But when a Action Air & Plumbing leak detection specialist arrives, that is what he finds. And if the leak has been an issue for a long time, there could be other complications, including structural water damage to your home. In addition, the area will need to be checked for any mildew or toxic mold growth that is often found around a long time water leak.

The majority of these concealed leaks occur under the slab foundation of your home and could have begun as just a tiny crack in a pipe. But over time, the crack gets more substantial, and the damage increases. And at some point, the leak is large enough to have an impact on the water pressure throughout your home.

Whenever you find that your water pressure has changed significantly, it is a good idea to call in the professionals from Action Air Plumbing and Septic. While you might think that low water pressure is just an annoyance, it could be an indication that there is a much more severe problem hidden inside or under your home. Call 806-583-3558 and know that you will have answers to your water pressure questions and realistic solutions to any issues that are found by our team. And once we have the problem fixed, you have our word and our warranty backing all of the workmanship and materials used to fix your low water pressure issue.

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