The air conditioner has a lot of different components and parts but is designed to last for many years. When you rely on the appliance to control the temperature in the building, it can occasionally develop issues as it’s frequently in use. If you notice unusual sounds from the air conditioner on your property in Lubbock, Texas, there are a few common causes to consider.

Bad Bearings

Many people in Lubbock, Texas, keep their air conditioners running for weeks on end due to the very hot summers. This can cause the bearings to wear down, which will create whirring sounds. The fan in the outdoor unit or indoor appliance can also become faulty and cause the noises to occur. Call a professional from a reputable company like Action Air & Plumbing, which serves the Greater Lubbock & Midland Counties, to inspect the parts and diagnose the problem.

A Dirty Condenser

The condenser is prone to accumulating a lot of dirt and grime throughout the year as it’s in use due to the higher temperatures that are common in Lubbock. There’s also a lot of dirt that circuits in the air in Lubbock due to the number of fields that are present, which can lead to a dirty condenser in the air conditioner. Check for dirt and twigs that should be cleaned and removed to restore the operation of the appliance and allow it to operate without generating any noise.

Loose Screws

In some cases, the screws in the air conditioner can start to come loose as the air conditioner operates and continues to vibrate. You may notice a lot of rattling noises that develop whenever the air conditioner is running. The screws should be tightened to keep all of the parts secure and prevent the noise from continuing. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy fix that doesn’t require the help of a professional.

Leaking Refrigerant

You may hear a hissing sound that is coming from the air conditioner, which is typically due to refrigerant that’s starting to leak. There may be damage or wear and tear that is present on the refrigerant line. This is common in older air conditioner units that have had a lot of use. There may even be a compression valve leak in the unit. A professional should be called to inspect the damage and install new parts to avoid further issues from developing.

Feel free to reach out to our professional team of experts to learn more about the common causes of noises you may hear when your AC is operating. Our technicians can provide you with answers to your questions and can service your air conditioner to restore its operation and reliability.

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