Most homeowners give little thought to their home’s plumbing until there is an issue. But knowing some of the common causes of water leaks can help you avoid the complications to your life and the costs associated with massive repairs due to water damage. Some of these common leaks can be avoided, while others are inevitable. But knowing how they occur will help you to identify leaks quickly and limit the water damage that they cause in and around your home.

Poor Construction And Workmanship

Licensed plumbers have years of training and experience. But when you hire a handyman or try to make a DIY plumbing repair around your house to save money, you could be doing just the opposite. Professionally installed water heaters, pipes, and fixtures are far less likely to leak in the future and create a flood of water that will damage your home and your belongings. Never trust anyone but a licensed plumber to repair or install plumbing pipes or fixtures in or around your home.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes will often burst as the water turns to ice and expands. As soon as you discover a pipe that is frozen, quickly begin to thaw it using a hairdryer to avoid a pipe rupture. Pipes can often freeze in a new addition to your home if they are not adequately insulated. Pipe insulation is a very cost-effective and excellent way to avoid a costly mistake even if you live in an area that rarely experiences freezing temperatures.

Tree Roots

Though you might think of tree roots as slow-growing, over time, large roots can grow around pipes in your yard and crush them. Once the pipe begins to crack, the roots grow more rapidly, thanks to the additional water source. The result is a damaged pipe that is also clogged by a clump of invasive tree roots. Correcting this issue is a job for a professional plumber. But you can help to avoid tree root issues but not planting trees near any pipes in your yard.

Leaky Appliances Or Plumbing Fixtures

Even a tiny leak can create severe water damage if not repaired quickly. Regular inspections of hoses and supply pipes to your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge water dispenser, and water heater can help you avoid expensive repairs. Even a tiny drip needs to be repaired because it will eventually become a more significant and more serious problem.

Pipe Corrosion

While you are inspecting your appliances for leaks, also look for any signs of corrosion on your appliances and plumbing pipes. Over time, copper and steel pipes tend to rust or corrode. This damage to the pipe will eventually result in a small hole that will allow water to drip along the outside of the pipe and cause additional damage. Making the necessary repairs at the first sign of corrosion will significantly reduce the potential for extensive damage and help to keep the repair cost as reasonable as possible.

Old Or Damaged Pipe Joints And Seals

As your plumbing pipes and fixtures age, they begin to deteriorate. And at some point, they will start to leak. Knowing the approximate age of your home and its plumbing components will help you to know when it is time to consider replacing piping and fixtures that are reaching the end of their life expectancy. This proactive step will save you a great deal of time and frustration when you are dealing with reoccurring leaks from your worn-out plumbing components.

Untreated Clogs

Pipe clogs often turn into pipe leaks because homeowners decide to pour massive amounts of harsh chemicals into a drain to eliminate a clog. The problem with these cleaners is that they are rarely successful in removing the clog. Instead, they remain trapped in a small section of the pipe near the clog and begin to melt or compromise the pipe itself. The only safe way to remove a drain clog is a professional drain cleaning that uses high-pressure water to remove clogs and residue from inside your drains.

Knowing these common causes of water leaks that could occur around your home is an excellent way to avoid some costly plumbing expenses. When you notice any of these problems early and call 806-583-3558, a licensed plumber from Action Air Plumbing and Septic can quickly and cost-effectively repair the issue before it causes severe damage to your home. And because you are working with a professional plumbing contractor, you will always enjoy a full warranty on the work and out 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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