We all love Cold Air on a hot day. The worst thing to think about is a hot, dry, and humid day without the power of our Air Conditioner. While your Air conditioner may not be out of commission right now. There are a number of signs that could indicate your Air Conditioner is in need of a repair. Best to call a professional and have them take a look. Considerable signs like poor air flow, air that is not cold, strange sounds, and bizarre smells could all be related to a dysfunctional Air conditioner.

Here is a list of Common Signs that Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair:

AC Not Blowing Cold Air

Air that is less than cold blowing from your AC and filling your home with warm air isn’t just a burden. It also means that your Air Conditioner is working twice as hard to try and bring the internal temperature of your home down. This could be from a few reasons such as Leaking or Low Refrigerant, a Faulty Condenser, or a Leak in the Air Duct. This is more than a sign that its time to pick up the phone and call a pro from Action Air.

Poor Air Flow

Air Conditioning systems each come equipped with a Fan that is responsible for circulating that Wonderful Cold air through the duct and into your home. This fan is susceptible to issues that would reduce air flow, Circulate Dirt Air, Degenerated Motor, Or a Faulty Fan Circuit Board. The last thing you’d want to know is that your Air Conditioner isn’t producing enough air flow or that the little amount of air it is producing is dirty. This can be fixed quickly with help from the pros.

Moisture Build up

Although air conditioners are meant to cool the air that blows into your home. The system is supposed to remain dry at all times. To prevent the build up or creation of Mold or Mildew is to keep an eye out for any leaks, and to call as soon as you notice one. It is not uncommon for a Condensate Drain to be blocked or broken so don’t wait on this sign.

Strange and Bizarre  Sounds

Every Air conditioning unit is designed to operate quietly and never make strange noises. Loud noises such as Metallic Screeching, Grinding or Banging noises are sure indicators that your air conditioner is dysfunctional. It could be that components are broken, a loose rotator belt, or ever just loose and lodged debris stuck inside the air conditioning system. Strange and or bizarre noises are never a good sign and should be checked out asap by a professional to avoid any further damage.

Funky Smells

Strange or abnormal smells coming from your air condition system is never a good sign. This could be from a number of reasons such as an infiltration of pests and insects, burnt out wire insulation, or even mold growth. Suspicious smells should never be ignored. To prevent potential damage to your air conditioner and protect your family, it’s best to call a pro.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes it’s not just your air conditioning system that is at fault. It could be that the thermostat within the air condition unit is dysfunctional. While this might be obvious, sometimes not. When there are multiple rooms at different temperatures it may be difficult to know whether or not your thermostat is to blame. However offset the thermostat might be. A professional can quickly rule out the issue with a thermostat fast.

Air conditioners are not just limited to these signs to determine eligibility for proper maintenance or repair, and DIY projects may only prolong the inevitable breakdown of your unit. So when you see that your energy bill has spiked from what it was last year, its a sure time to call the pros at Action Air & Plumbing 806-583-3558.

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