Most homeowners never think about replacing a toilet in their home unless they are renovating the bathroom. Then it might be a decision to relocate some of the fixtures, and it only makes sense to update the toilet at the same time. But if you are not contemplating a renovation, is there really ever a reason to replace a toilet? You might be shocked to learn that there are several reasons you should be considering a replacement for this essential feature in your home.

Old Age

It could also come as a shock to you that there have been some significant advances in toilet technology. Well, maybe technology is not the best term, but there have been advances in these much-used necessities of every home. Beginning in 1994, federal regulations required new toilets to be more water-efficient. This mandate substantially reduced the amount of water allotted for each flush. Toilets from the 1950s used as much as eight gallons per flush, while new models use less than two gallons per flush. Your new toilet will save you money on your water bill, and it will help conserve a precious natural resource. Another unique feature that aids in saving water is dual flush capability. This allows for a partial flush and a full flush.. Using a dual flush toilet could reduce your water consumption per flush by seven gallons or more.

Damp Floors

If you have noticed a small amount of water on the bathroom floor from time to time, the issue could be small cracks in the tank of your toilet. These tiny puddles would be near the toilet or even under the tank. Fortunately, the water in the tank is clean, so you are not facing contamination issues. But the constant moisture can and will damage your floors over time. Even if you cannot see the crack or leak, it could be time to replace that old relic with a new, more environmentally-friendly commode.

Toilets Should Not Wobble Or Move

It is never reassuring to sit down and feel the toilet moving or wobbling. These are indications that something is wrong. It could be as simple as a loose bolt, or it could mean that a leak has caused the floor to begin to rot and decay under the toilet. But either way, the solution is a call to your trusted plumber to investigate and possibly replace that old toilet that is ready for permanent retirement. If the issue is left unrepaired, you could face more severe and costly damage to your home from a water leak, and also contamination from wastewater and sewage.

Your Bowl Is Round

Not only has the flushing capability of toilets improved, but so has the overall shape of toilets. Through some interesting research, toilet manufacturers discovered that elongated toilet bowls flush more efficiently than round models. The new shape also alters how the water fills the bowl when not in use. It has been found to allow fewer unpleasant odors to escape from elongated commodes. And finally, when surveyed, consumers preferred the elongated new toilet bowls as a more comfortable seat.

Too Many Repairs

If it seems like every time you turn around, your toilet needs another repair, then it is time to think about a replacement. Everything in your home wears out over time. And your toilet is one item that you really can’t live without. So rather than keeping a pile of spare parts on hand for the next incident, think about a complete replacement. Not only will it eliminate the worry about small leaks, foul odors, and a home with no functional toilet, but it will most likely also reduce your monthly water bill.

If you are not ready to take on the task of replacing your old toilet, call us to schedule an appointment with an Action Air Plumbing and Septic professional. Our team of licensed plumbers has decades of experience and expertise. We will have your new throne in place and operational in just an hour or two, with a complete parts and labor warranty. And the best part is that you will not need to handle that messy job yourself.

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