When you are investigating your options for a new furnace, you are sure to come across the term high-efficiency furnace. It is quite an attention grabber when you contemplate the financial benefits of a furnace that runs less often, has a lower operating cost, and still keeps your home comfortably warm. But is that what you would really be getting? Or is this just some new label or advertising ploy to sell more furnaces? So now, your research takes a new turn to determine if this is a real option or just a heating unicorn.

What Is A High-Efficiency Furnace?

Technology has improved almost every appliance and fixture in our homes over the last decade or two. And HVAC equipment has not missed out on this rapid influx of upgrades. New units are far more compact than their ancestors that could occupy almost an entire room. And they are now constructed to provide more heat using less energy. These high-efficiency furnaces are also sometimes called condensing furnaces. And they earn their lofty title of high-efficiency thanks to two key components.

  1. These units use a second heat exchanger to extract even more heat from the fuel that used to be exhausted in the older models. The two-stage process employs two vent pipe technology to heat your home gradually.
  2. These units are designed to conserve the gas that they consume to heat your home. They use just enough but do not overheat and waste energy. This is done with a system that automatically adjusts airflow to reduce energy/fuel waste.

The Cost Of High-Efficiency

Like most things in this world, you will need to make a more substantial initial investment to reap the rewards of lower operating costs in the future. But considering that return on your investment, the higher price you pay is going to come back to you, along with environmentally friendly benefits, like less fuel being used and a decrease in the exhaust into the atmosphere. Expect to shell out between $3,000 and $7,000 for a new high-efficiency furnace, depending on the unit’s size and your region of the country.

Other Operating Cost Factors To Consider

There are many more factors than just your furnace to consider when evaluating the cost to heat your home this winter. The construction and insulation of your home should be a primary focus. A solidly built home with few leaks and gaps around doors, windows, vents, and other openings will retain heat much longer than a drafty house with no insulation.

For example, suppose you can feel a draft around windows or feel that the air is much colder in front of a window as opposed to the temperature along the walls. In that case, new windows will substantially decrease your heating cost. Likewise, weatherstripping will go a long way to eliminating heat loss around ill-fitting doors.

Choosing Your HVAC Company

The HVAC company you select to install your new high-efficiency furnace is equally as important as the size and type of unit you choose. The installation process includes tasks such as the proper design and placement of ductwork, which is critical. Without proper installation, the ducts will leak must of the warm air out into your attic or basement, rather than distributing it into the rooms you want to have heated. There is no substitute for experience and a proven track record when it comes to your furnace installation contractor.

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