Homeowners spend a great deal of money each year, heating and cooling their homes. And unfortunately, many are wasting a good portion of that money because they are misinformed about some heating and cooling facts. To help consumers spend less on heating and cooling, the pros at Action Air Plumbing and Septic have compiled this list of myths and the facts that debunk them, to help you keep your energy budget as reasonable as possible.

MYTH – You should keep your thermostat at the same setting day and night because it costs more to heat a cold room than to maintain the temperature all the time.

Fact – It takes far less energy to warm up a cold house in the morning than to keep it warm day and night. That is why programmable thermostats are a great money-saving tool. They allow you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature when you are home and awake. But they also allow you to save on heating and cooling costs when you are away or asleep.

When you are home and awake, be sure to dress appropriately for the season. This means dress warmer in the winter to reduce your heating and lighter in the summer to reduce the cooling bills. Also, close the curtains in the summer to block out the heat and open them in the winter to take advantage of the sun’s warmth. These tips will help you follow the standard guideline for setting your daytime temp to 68 in the winter and 78 in the summer.

MYTH – Duct tape is excellent for repairing leaks in your ductwork.

FACT – Ironically, duct tape does a terrible job sealing your ductwork. It does not stick very well. There are many professional quality products that you can purchase to repair a leak in your ducts. Or call 806-583-3558, and a Action Air Plumbing and Septic professional can take care of that task for you.

MYTH – Your windows are the most significant source of heating and cooling loss in your home.

FACT – While there could be some heating and cooling loss at your windows, most homes lose most of their heated and cooled air through the attic and basement. Poorly insulated walls are also a great contributor to the loss of heating and cooling.

You can check for air loss from your doors and windows by going outside when the AC is running. Place your hand near the doors and windows to find any cold air escaping from your home. These leaks can be sealed with flexible caulk. If the gap is over ¼ of an inch, use expandable spray foam to seal the area. For significant heating and cooling loss via your attic or basement, adding insulation to the floors and ceiling should solve it.

MYTH – The bigger the air conditioner unit, the cooler my house will feel.

FACT – A larger AC does not always mean a cooler home. But it can mean that the unit is less energy efficient than another unit and that you are wasting money on your cooling bill. Selecting the proper size for your home air conditioner is a science that has been practiced and perfected by the pros at Action. Our team knows that an AC that is too small might save you a few bucks on the purchase price, but it will not cool your home correctly. An oversized AC is not going to keep you any more comfortable, but it will cost a lot more to buy and operate. That is not doing you any favors.

To properly size an air conditioner, our tech will need to know the size of your home, examine the ductwork, the insulation level, and several other factors. Once all of the information is gathered and evaluated, we can provide you with a few AC options to meet your cooling needs. And we are sure that one of them will also be able to work in your current household budget.

MTYH – Ceiling fans help to cool my home.

FACT – Ceiling fans do nothing to increase or decrease the temperature in your home. What fans do is balance the air in the room to make it feel warmer or cooler. Warm air rises, and cool air settles down to the floor. A ceiling fan is used to blend those two temperatures and make you feel more comfortable. In the winter months, you want to create an updraft with your ceiling fans to circulate the warm air away from the ceiling. In the summer months, your ceiling fan creates a downdraft to help you feel the cool air’s benefits.

If you are having issues with your HVAC and need an evaluation by a trained professional, call 806-583-3558. And know that the team from Action Air Plumbing and Septic will get you the answers that you need and affordable repair options as well.

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