Few things in life are as simple yet much appreciated as a nice hot shower. But when you turn on the water filled with anticipation and only get a trickle of water, you are quickly disheartened. And unless you have a background in plumbing, this sad event is a mystery, and so is how to correct it. Fortunately, there will only be a few items on the list of potential culprits for low water pressure in your shower.

The Pressure Balance Valve

Most showers have a single large knob that turns on the water in your shower. And this knob also sets the temperature, depending on where you put it. If you set the shower to mostly hot water and someone else in the house is using hot water, you could get just a trickle. The hot water is flowing to the other fixture, which is most likely closer to your water heater. The other possibility is that the balance valve is failing. You will need to have it replaced to correctly balance the hot and cold water supply in your shower.

The Diverter Valve

This is the lever or knob used to set the water to fill the tub or flow from the showerhead. If this diverter valve is not functioning correctly, you might only get a small amount of water flowing from the showerhead while the majority continues to flow from the tub spigot. Unless you are pretty handy with tools and ready for a DIY project, replacing the diverter valve is a job that will require a licensed plumber.


It is always possible to have a clog of some type blocking water flow from your showerhead. The issue could be inside the pipe, or it could be on the surface of the showerhead. Mineral build-up can cause the small holes on a showerhead to become clogged. But this is something that will occur over time. The water pressure and pattern will slowly diminish. If your problem has happened quickly, the clog is most likely inside the waterline. It will need some help from your trusted plumbing professional.

The Dreaded Broken Pipe

If your shower’s water pressure has suddenly plummeted, you likely have a broken pipe or severe leak in a pipe fitting. If the water pressure is still optimal in other areas of your home and at your bathroom sink, then the leak will be in the piping at your shower. And this is certain to require the services of a licensed plumber. Keep the water in the shower turned off to avoid additional water damage to your walls, floors, and other areas of your home.

How To Avoid All Upsetting Plumbing Surprises In Your Home

Most homeowners never think about their home’s water lines, fixtures, and plumbing system until there is a problem. But unfortunately, things wear out, and your home’s plumbing is no exception. When a plumbing pipe or fitting wears out, the result is often severe water damage and a costly repair or two. However, there is a simple and very cost-effective way to avoid all of the unpleasant plumbing events in your home.

An annual plumbing inspection from the pros at Action Air Plumbing and Septic will detect wear and tear on your plumbing pipes, fittings, and appliances before disaster strikes. Our team of highly skilled pros can find and repair a tiny leak or signs of corrosion that will soon turn into a costly problem. Think of an annual plumbing inspection as an insurance policy for your home’s plumbing system. It is a small amount that you spend to avoid a much more expensive bill later.

Call 806-583-3558 24/7 if you suspect a water leak in your home or are having issues with a sudden drop in water pressure. As a full-service plumbing company, we offer emergency service and preventative inspections for all plumbing needs.  

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