Imagine that something goes wrong with your air conditioner on the hottest day of the summer. Some people don’t even have to imagine this because it’s happened to them before. The AC may start blowing warm air, or it rapidly cycles on and off. Perhaps the cool air is so weak that it can’t possibly cool down the house. Sometimes the unit starts rattling, squealing, or even shrieking. In some cases, it simply stops working altogether. Emergency repairs are needed. What could’ve been done to prevent this from happening?

Tips for Preventing AC Repairs

Here are some tips that can prevent AC problems and forestall the repairs that are needed when they pop up:

  • Keep up with seasonal maintenance
  • Replace air filters
  • Take care of the outdoor condenser
  • Pay attention to out of the ordinary things

Having your AC unit checked just before the cooling season by our pros at Action Air & Plumbing is probably the most effective thing you can do to prevent unexpected AC repairs. Our technicians are trained to do tasks that laypeople should not, such as recharging refrigerant if the levels are too low and other troubleshooting jobs.

Our HVAC professionals can’t stress enough the importance of regularly changing air filters. This is probably the simplest job to do when it comes to keeping an AC unit in good shape, and its simplicity and ease are probably the reasons why it’s overlooked. An air filter that’s clogged with dirt and dust stresses the air conditioner’s motor. When the motor has to work too hard, its effectiveness diminishes, and your utility bills go up. Over time, a dirty filter can cause the AC unit’s motor to fail. A filthy air filter also sends pollutants into your house.

Make sure the outdoor condenser is level, and clear vegetation and debris around it to at least three feet. This improves the airflow. Also, once in a while, turn off the power, and then hose the condenser down.

Paying attention to strange sounds and noticing signs such as frozen evaporator coils or blocked condensate lines and having them repaired right away can avoid more costly repairs in the future.

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Whether they live a short walk from the Buddy Holly Center or the American Windmill Museum, residents of Lubbock need to know how to keep their AC units working throughout our long, hot summers. For more pointers on how to avoid unexpected air conditioner repairs, get in touch with our HVAC professionals at Action Air Plumbing and Septic today.

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