If you are thinking about selling your home, then you are sure to be looking for ways to increase its selling price. And while the Internet is full of ideas that might appeal to some buyers, very few projects are sure to help you truly increase the value of your home. However, one project is guaranteed to improve not only the value of your home but its appeal to every buyer who walks in the door. A house with a new HVAC system lets buyers know that they can enjoy decades of comfort and affordable utility bills thanks to the newly installed system.

All Buyers Want Reliability And Low Operating Costs

One of the first questions many homebuyers ask is regarding the condition of the HVAC system. And when the only response is that the system is operational, problems begin to appear in the buyer’s mind. Functional does not mean that it heats and cools the home efficiently or cost-effectively. And it also does not rule out the possibility of expensive repair or replacement costs soon after moving into the house. But when the buyer hears that the home comes with a new HVAC system, all of those worries and concerns disappear.

Smart Buyers Like Smart Technology

Many of today’s homebuyers are looking for technology that can integrate with a smart home system. And if you have an older HVAC system and thermostats, you will not be able to meet that desire. And before you write this off as less than a must-have for the majority of buyers, know that according to Forbes, 58% of all homebuyers polled wanted to buy a home with smart technology in place. That means that less than half of all buyers see a home with an old HVAC system as desirable. That will significantly reduce your list of potential buyers.

Low Maintenance Is A Selling Feature

Home inspections, repair requests, allowances for repairs, and DIY projects can all be deal killers. And all of those issues often center around old or questionable systems and appliances in a home. But you can eliminate these problems before you ever put your home on the market by installing a new HVAC system. Buyers will love that the work is done, and they have a warranty for any odd issue that might pop up.

What You Will Gain

First and foremost, the value of your home will increase when you install a new HVAC system. And that means that your asking price and hopefully selling price will increase. It also means that your home will be more desirable and should sell faster than other comps in your area. Buyers remember the house that had the brand new HVAC unit. And when your home is more desirable, you have a much better chance of getting multiple offers and creating a bidding war. Nothing is better than a little competition to increase the sale price of your home and your profit.

How To Make All The Happen

To learn more about installing a new HVAC system in your home, all you need to do is call 806-583-3558. An HVAC professional from Action Air Plumbing and Septic will come to your home, explain your options, and help you determine the best system to meet your needs and budget. Then you will get a free, no-obligation price quote to have the new unit installed. This price quote eliminates any sticker shock or surprises when the job is completed.

We understand that you are getting ready to sell your home, and that means that time is of the essence. We offer very timely scheduling and will be sure to leave your house and neat and tidy as it was before we arrived. In addition, the new HVAC unit will carry a complete warranty on all of the parts and labor that you can pass on to the new owners. Don’t stress about the age and reliability of your home HVAC. Invest in a replacement, and know that your home will sell more quickly and for a higher price thanks to our hard work.

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