Many homeowners are becoming more conscious of the need to save water and protect what should be considered our most valuable natural resource. But when it comes down to creating a plan of action, many become lost in the process and never reach their goal. But who better to ask about saving water than your trusted plumbers from Action Air & Plumbing? These are the water pros in , and they have seen exactly how water is being used, and wasted, in thousands of homes in the area. Below are a few suggestions to help you make your home more environmentally friendly and save you some money on your water bills.

Use Your Dishwasher More!

What homeowner would not be happy to learn that hand washing dishes should be a chore of the past? No one likes to wash dishes, so this should be an easy change to make in your household to save a significant amount of water. First, be sure that you have an Energy Star rated dishwasher, which covers most modern models. These units have been designed to save both water and energy to qualify for this rating. The most amazing part about these dishwashers is that they are able to clean an entire load of dirty dishes using only 5 gallons of water. Multiple independent tests have found that hand washing the same amount of dishes will use between 27 and 30 gallons. So each time you press that start button, you are saving over 20 gallons of water.

Look For Leaks Inside Your Home

There are dozens of places in and around your home that you should regularly inspect for water leaks. The most common thought is to look at any exposed piping in your basement, attic, crawl space, or under sinks. And while this is an excellent place to start, there are many more culprits that could be wasting water.

After looking at piping and fittings, begin to inspect all of your appliances that use water. This includes your dishwasher, clothes washer, water lines to your fridge, or automatic ice machine, and the biggie is your water heater. All of these appliances have water lines and connections that can begin to drip or leak as they wear.

Next, take a tour of your bathrooms. Look carefully behind each toilet to see that the water supply line is in good condition and not leaking. Next, flush each toilet to be sure that the flapper valve closes quickly and completely. A leaking toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water each week. Finally, check all of your faucets in sinks, tubs, and showers. These leaks are elusive because the water runs right down the drain, so you never notice a puddle. But water could be slipping away at an alarming rate. Just six drips per minute will waste several hundred gallons of water each year. And if you find multiple leaks in your home, that number quickly climbs into the thousands.

Locate Leaks Outside Your Home

The first stop on your outside inspection should be your water faucets or hose bibs. These often begin to wear and drip after a few winters. Disconnecting any hoses makes it easier to detect drips that would otherwise flow into the hose and be very difficult to detect. Next, take a look at any irrigation you have in your yard. Leaking sprinkle heads, pipes, or fitting will waste a substantial amount of water. Finally, take a look at your swimming pool and spa plumbing or any decorative water features in your yard. All of these items can be responsible for the waste of water and your money.

If you locate any leaks that you are not comfortable repairing, call 806-583-3558 to schedule an appointment with a Action Air Plumbing and Septic licensed plumber. Our crews have been helping homeowners for years with plumbing leak repair and all of their plumbing needs. And remember that we always provide a free price quote before beginning any project and all of our work carries our full warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee. 

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