Many homeowners are bad about scheduling AC service in the early spring. Maybe they are thinking about skipping the year’s appointment to save a few dollars. Or their schedule is hectic. But there is no good reason to put off an AC maintenance call to the pros at Action. You know that the temperature will rise at some point, and you will need to cool your home. So why not get that chore off your to-do list and know that when the heat arrives, your AC will be ready to step up and keep you cool and comfortable?

Trying To Save Money?

If you were one of the consumers who decided to try and save a few bucks, are you willing to try the maintenance on your own? There is more to each year’s service than just hosing down the condenser and removing leaves that might be stuck to the housing. Our pros inspect the coolant level, check for leaks, inspect the electrical connections, test the motor, and clean the condenser when we are called out for a maintenance check. You will not be able to undertake the DIY version of this vital service unless you have some training and the necessary tools.

Worried About Timing?

If you were only thinking about delaying your AC maintenance appointment for a better time, do you really think that is a good idea? When you call us in the early spring, we can accommodate your scheduling needs. But when you wait and call right at the start of a heatwave, please understand that our pros are swamped with repair visits and emergency calls. We will not have nearly the flexibility when scheduling. This is our peak season.

And knowing that we are very busy, you can be sure that we are not offering any deals or discounts on regular maintenance. The truth is that we only offer special pricing early in the spring to encourage customers to get a jump on summer and complete their maintenance needs early.

The Benefits Of Annual Maintenance

Life is busy, and we all understand the desire to save time and money. But when it comes to your home’s air conditioner, you need to look at the big picture. This is a big-ticket item that should last for decades with proper care and maintenance. The money that you spend on a service call from a Action Air & Plumbing pro is an investment, just like the cost of changing the oil in your car. Consider these three significant benefits before you decide to pass on this year’s AC service appointment:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency- After a little cleaning and tuning up, your AC unit will operate more efficiently. And that will be reflected in lower energy bills while your AC is running.
  • Improved Performance- After a quick service visit, you will notice that your AC is cooling your home more quickly. And that added level of comfort will be much appreciated as the temperature outside soars. The unit will run less often, and your home will remain at a more constant and comfortable temperature, which is also a big part of how you will save money on your energy bill.
  • Longer Lifespan- Your AC is one of the more expensive systems in your home. And also one that you are sure you can’t live without. Not only does it provide much-needed comfort to you, but it also protects things like your drywall and windows. Without AC, items in your home could be damaged by excessive heat. Doors and windows warp and drywall cracks. So there is not really any way to live for a year or two without your AC functioning. But that could be a necessity if your air conditioner fails and you can’t afford a replacement. Look at the time and money you invest in annual service as a way to extend the life of your AC. Each additional year of service that you get from your current unit allows you to save and budget longer for that replacement cost.

What If…

Finally, there is that worst-case scenario that you never want to think about. What if our technician discovers a problem with your current AC unit? If you schedule your preventative maintenance appointment early in the year, you will have time to budget for the repair or wait for parts to be ordered. But, if you wait until the last minute and there is a problem, you could be sweltering in the heat for a few days until parts are available for the repair or you find a way to come up with the cash.

Simply put, there is really no good reason to put off annual maintenance for your AC unit. Call 806-583-3558 early and know that a Action Air Plumbing and Septic pro will have your AC ready to fire up that first hot day of the year.

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