Drain Cleaning Midland, Tx

If you are experiencing a clogged drain, backed up toilet, standing water in your shower or tub, or a more serious clog elsewhere in your home or business, we can help! Our team here at Action Air Plumbing & Septic can provide you with clogged drain cleaning in Midland, Tx, and it’s surrounding areas. We’re fast, affordable, & friendly, and with over 25 years in the plumbing business it goes without saying that we’ve seen our fair share of clogged pipes.

As one of the leading providers of residential & commercial plumbing service in Midland, we understand the importance of acting fast to resolve plumbing issues when they first arise. Give us a call today to schedule your same day drain cleaning service in Midland, Odessa, or any city in Midland or Ector Counties.

Drain Cleaning Services Offered in Midland:

Over The Counter Products Are Dangerous

Besides being an inconvenience to your daily life, clogged drains & subsequent backed up plumbing can balloon into a major problem if left untreated. What was once a frequently clogged drain can turn into real issues such as overflowing and flooding. One all-to-common issue we see when dealing with residential drain clogs is homeowners who believe that they can fix clogs with over-the-counter drain cleaning products. Good marketing coupled with low-cost and convenience make chemical drain cleaning products look like attractive alternatives to calling out a local plumber. In reality, the way that these chemicals work is inherently dangerous to your homes plumbing system and can cause tens of thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs if overused.


Our experienced plumbers here at Action Air Plumbing & Septic can safely and reliably unclog any drain. Whether it the issue exist in a kitchen, bathroom, sewer line, or floor drain, we have the tools for the job. Drains can become clogged and back up due to many reasons. Often times we see the culprit is the collection of hard to breakdown buildup that forms blockages over time. Think hair, grease, soap scum & resdisue, and food waste. Given enough time these items collect inside drain pipes and create blockages that narrow the diameter of the pipe causing water to drain more slowly than it flows from the tap.  In most cases this is not something a simple over-the-counter product or DIY drain cleaning method can resolve. This is the time to seek out a local plumbing company to provide you with professional clogged drain cleaning service.

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    When drains clog inside the home we tend to keep our focus on what’s right in front of us, ignoring some other key signs that we may need professional help. Have you begun experiencing wet spots in your yard that show up when it hasn’t rained and sprinklers haven’t run? If so, it could be a sign of a leaking or cracked sewer line. This is an extremely serious issue that should be handled immediately and by a licensed, insured, and highly-reviewed local plumber in Midland.

    Another sign not to be ignored is overflowing drains. While this is one of the more obvious signs that something serious is happening, the perceived inconvenience of finding a local plumber, scheduling service, and subsequent fear of high-costs can deter most homeowners from getting the situation resolved.

    The single most common sign that you need to schedule professional drain cleaning in Midland, Tx, is when water frequently drains slowly from faucets, tubs, showers, and toilets. Whether this problem has persisted for days or weeks, one thing is certain, it will not go away on it’s own.


    With so many projects requiring upkeep & maintenance around your home it can often times feel overwhelming to stay on top of it all. One of the most important home maintenance tasks you can perform is to have the drains cleaned often. Scheduling a bi-annual drain cleaning in your Midland home or business can have the following benefits:

    • Extend the lifepsan of your homes pipes.
    • Clear flowing and effecient plumbing system.
    • Less backup, resulting in cleaner fixtures, such as tubs and sinks.
    • Diminished water waster and lower bills.
    • Reduced risk for plumbing related floods and overflows in your home.

    Our team of plumbers can quickly and affordably provide your home or business with regular drain cleaning and maintenance services to help ensure that your plumbing system operates with maximum efficiency.

    Looking to have the drains in your home cleaned? Call us at (806) 787-6501 and get fast & affordable Midland drain cleaning solutions for your property today!