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When you are having issues with your Andrews, TX air conditioner, it is critical that you contact an HVAC specialist that you can trust. With over 30 years serving the residents of Texas, Action Air, Plumbing and Septic is the company you can trust to provide you with an honest evaluation, options whenever possible, and fair pricing for any work that you choose to have completed. We offer same day service, emergency service at night as well as on weekends and holidays, and a free estimate before we begin any work. We are 5-star rated by Google, and the BBB has given us an A+ rating. You can call 806-787-6501 with confidence, knowing that our factory trained technicians will evaluate your current HVAC equipment before making any recommendations. Sometimes replacement is the best solution, but in other cases, repair is a better choice, and we will let you know that up-front.

Common Signs You An AC Unit Replaced

There are many reasons that you might be considering a new air conditioner, and not all of them are related to the temperature inside your home. You should consider all of the following points that could indicate the need for a new AC unit:

  •    Frequent Repairs- If you are paying for repairs on a very regular basis, that is a sign that your equipment is wearing out. At some point, you need to consider replacing your air conditioner so that you are not wasting money repairing a unit that is destined to fail again.
  •    Humidity Issues- When you notice that the humidity in your home is changing drastically, that is a sign that your air conditioner is not functioning well and is likely to fail in the near future. Addressing this issue will help to avoid a few days of discomfort when the unit does fail completely.
  •    The age of your air conditioner will have a big impact on how efficiently it operates and also the cost that you must pay for energy. Newer units are far more energy efficient, which means that your AC will cool your home faster and better. It also means that you will see a noticeable reduction in the cost to cool your home after a new unit is installed. Being proactive about replacing your air conditioner just makes sense financially.

Common Signs You An AC Unit Repaired

Common sense tells you that when your air conditioner is blowing warm air, then you need to have it repaired. But there are also many other signs that should tip you off that it’s time to call Action Air to have your AC repaired. These warning signs can include:

  •    When you notice that your thermostat is not responding
  •    When you discover a Freon leak in or around the unit
  •    When the system is blowing very little air from the vents
  •    When you hear a loud noise coming from the vents
  •    When your home becomes very humid
  •    When you notice a bad smell in your home when the unit turns on
  •    When you experience a substantial increase in your energy bill for no explainable reason
  •    When your AC equipment is 10-15 years old which is the industry standard life expectancy

All of these are indications that your AC could fail in the near future. Scheduling an evaluation of your air conditioner with Action Air is as simple as calling 806-787-6501. After our technician evaluates your air conditioner, you will know about all of the issues you are facing and exactly what it will cost you to have your current unit repaired.

AC Repairs VS. Replacement

At Action Air, we guarantee all of our work, but we can never promise that your older air conditioner is not going to have new issues after we make a repair. The only way to know that you will not suffer a few hot days in your Andrews, TX home this summer is to replace your aging AC. But we also understand that an AC replacement might not be in your budget at the moment. In those cases, we will work with you to make the best and most efficient use of the unit that you do have. Our commitment to each client is that we will offer all viable solutions and prices, then help you to make the choice that best meets your needs and financial situation.

The Ductless Central Air Option

In the past, it was nearly impossible to install central air in an older home. There was a huge amount of destruction required to install the ductwork in the walls, floors, and ceilings. However, newer central air units can now be installed at the top of the walls in older homes, eliminating the ductwork. A single hole is drilled in an outside wall to allow a drainpipe to carry the condensation outside. This is a great option for homeowners of older Andrews, TX properties that have never had central air.

Time To Take Action

Issues with your Andrews. TX air conditioning should always be taken very seriously. When addressed early, many problems can be fixed and will eliminate the cost of an AC replacement. A call to Action Air at 806-787-6501 allows you to schedule an appointment for a factory trained technician to evaluate your air conditioner and let you know if repair or replacement is the best solution for you.

For over 30 years we have been offering free, no-obligation estimates for repairs and replacement of AC units. We are committed to earning your business with honest information, upfront pricing, and superior customer service. Call 806-787-6501 today and we will help you to make a well-informed choice about repairing or replacing your air conditioner.

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