Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day and discovering that your air conditioning is not working. You immediately think the worst and imagine days or weeks of unbearable heat followed by the massive bill that comes with a new AC unit. But what you are not thinking about is that there are many problems that are relatively easy to have fixed by an HVAC professional. And the cost is substantially less than the price tag of a new air conditioner.

Circuit Breaker Issues

When your AC is not working, the issue could be as simple as a blown fuse or a worn-out electrical breaker. Your first step should be to take a look at your electrical panel. If your panel is older and uses fuses, check to see if the fuse has blown, and a simple replacement will do the trick. If you have breakers, the solution could be as easy as resetting the appropriate breaker. However, if the breaker immediately trips again or a new fuse instantly blows, close the electrical panel and call the pros at Action. Any other action could result in damage to your air conditioner or an injury to yourself. We have team members standing by 24/7 to answer your call to 806-583-3558.

A Refrigerant Leak

Most AC units require refrigerant to function. But because this is a toxic product, the refrigerant is maintained in a closed system. However, if the coolant system begins to leak, your air conditioner will not be able to cool your home correctly. A call to 806-583-3558 is the only way to have this issue fixed correctly and safely. Coolant should never be drained from an AC unit and allowed to soak into the ground. It will harm the environment and can be toxic to any animals in the area.

Frozen Coils

It sounds crazy to think that a part of your air conditioner could freeze when you are suffering in the sweltering heat. But that can happen and create some real problems for your AC unit. The best way to avoid a freeze-up is to keep your air filter and ductwork clean. Both of these are critical to proper airflow through your AC. Inadequate airflow is the most common reason for a frozen AC coil. The other, less common cause is low refrigerant. When the coolant is low, your AC becomes overworked and can result in a freeze over. If replacing your air filter does not thaw out your system, call the pros at Action Air Plumbing and Septic for a professional evaluation and repair quote.

A Bad Thermostat

You will be happy to know that sometimes your air conditioner is working correctly and the problem is only a bad thermostat. If the thermostat is not working, it will not turn the AC off and on correctly, or even at all, depending on the problem. But replacing the thermostat is a simple and affordable fix compared to the price of a new air conditioner.  

Wear And Tear

Today’s air conditioners are intricate pieces of equipment that contain many moving parts and components that can wear out. But just because one part is worn out, does not mean that the entire unit needs to be replaced. When you call the professionals at Action Air Plumbing and Septic, our factory-trained service technician will examine your air conditioner and determine why it is not functioning correctly. We will then provide you with your options for a professional repair backed by our complete parts and labor warranty.

In some cases, the AC is old, and to be honest, all of the parts are wearing out. But we understand that a new unit might not be in your budget. So if that is the case, we will work with you to keep your unit as functional as possible until you can afford a replacement. In almost every case, some parts can be replaced to get you through another hot summer. But we will be completely honest and tell you that your air conditioner has exceeded its effectiveness.

When you need help getting your air conditioner back to cooling your home, it is vital that you know some of the common issues that cause an AC unit to stop working. But it is also essential to know when to call in the professionals for a thorough evaluation and cost quote for the necessary repairs. Our team of certified HVAC repair specialists will get you the answers you need and affordable options that will work within your household budget. Call us, and know that a factory-trained Action Air Plumbing and Septic pro will arrive promptly and get the job done right.

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