There is not much in the toilet paper world that causes a stir of excitement. However, when flushable moist wipes were introduced, it grabbed the attention of many consumers. Some immediately converted, some swore that they would never last, and others remained on the fence for an extended time. But all of these decisions were based on the function of the product and service it provided, not on its actual “flushability.” Everyone just assumed that being labeled as flushable meant that away it could go with no complications. But that is not always the case.

Flushable, Yes, But Safe?

There is no doubt that moist wipes will flush down a toilet. The real question is what will happen to the wipe, and more importantly, your sewer line after you flush these more durable wipes. The wipes that are labeled as biodegradable do eventually break down. But it takes much longer than the rapid disintegration of regular toilet paper. In the meantime, these wipes become lodged in your sewer line piping and begin to entrap other debris that is running through the pipe to the city sewer main.

You might not notice the problem for a bit, but slow clearing tub, shower, and sink drains and toilets that no longer flush correctly are all signs of the beginning of a sewer line clog. And when you notice these annoying occurrences, it is time to quickly take action and call us to schedule a professional drain cleaning.

The Only True Solution To Sewer Line Clogs

When you think that you have a sewer line clog forming, it might be tempting to try solving the problem yourself. After all, many drain-clearing products claim to remove even the toughest clogs. But the truth is that even the most caustic chemical drain cleaners are no match for the tough clogs formed by moist wipes. And an even more significant concern is that your metal or plastic drain and sewer line pipes are no match for the toxic acid cocktail that is used in chemical drain cleaners. More often than not, the pros at Action Air & Plumbing are called in to repair the drain pipe leaks that are caused by these nasty cleaning products and then professionally clean the repaired drain. This is because a professional drain cleaning is the only way to remove all clogs and residue from the inside of a drain or sewer pipe.

Cleaning Like A Pro

Licensed plumbers, like the ones we employ, know that the only safe and sure way to remove sewer line and drain line clogs is with a Hydro-Jet. This expensive piece of equipment turns clear water into a super-powered jet of water that blasts away clogs and the residue that builds up inside of drain and sewer pipes. But the best part is that the cleaning process uses no harsh chemicals that could damage your pipes or create toxic chemical fumes in your home.

And while this jet action might sound dangerous for your pipes, it is perfectly safe when done by one of the highly trained licensed plumbers from Action Air & Plumbing. Each of our drain cleaning experts has years of experience and continued training on the safe and efficient use of the Hydro-Jet and all of the latest technology used to clean and maintain your drains for peak performance.

No More Moist Wipes?

Using moist wipes rather than TP is a personal choice. And if you are one of the people who want to continue using these wipes, that’s fine. There are just a few things to remember. First, be sure only to purchase biodegradable wipes. All of the others will create massive clogs very quickly. Second, flush often. Never try to flush multiple wipes at one time. Finally, schedule regular professional drain cleanings to ensure that you are never faced with a surprise sewer line clog and backup in your home.

Call us and know that a professional plumber will arrive at your home and clean every inch of your drain and sewer pipe with nothing but pure water. And once the process is completed, your professional drain cleaning is backed by our complete customer satisfaction guarantee and our warranty.

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