It’s summertime, and the temperatures are spiking. But you really need to have your home cool and comfortable. And the only way to make that happen is to have the air conditioning running almost constantly. But that brings another worry as you stress over the high cost of electricity to keep your home cool. It can feel like you are in a no-win situation. However, thanks to a few tips from the pros at Action Air & Plumbing, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home this summer without the constant concern of massive utility bills.

  • Close Some Vents – Your air conditioner might be struggling to keep your entire home at a reasonable temperature. But if you reduce the amount of space that it is trying to cool, you will notice an increase in your comfort level and a decrease in the time that your AC is running. And that will help to reduce your energy cost. It’s very simple, close the vent in the rooms that you are not using and close the doors to those rooms. This will focus the amazing cold air in the places that you are currently using. It could be a spare bedroom, storage space, or the gym that you just can’t bring yourself to use. But by reducing the load placed on your AC, you will cut your energy bill without having to suffer in a hot house.
  • Change The Air Filters – Most guidelines recommend changing AC air filters every three months. But in some areas, that is not enough. Our recommendation is to check the filters every month and replace them when they are becoming coated in dust and dirt. Pick a day and set a reminder on your phone. Or just commit to inspecting the filters on the first of each month. It only takes a few minutes and a few dollars to replace clogged air filters and restore to your AC unit’s proper airflow. This simple process will keep your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency and keep it affordable to operate.
  • Keep Your Cool Air Inside Your Home – You are paying good money for your cold air, so don’t let it slip away through leaks around windows and doors or through walls with no insulation. To locate any significant air leaks in your home, stand outside when the AC is running and move your hand along the edge of closed doors and windows. If you feel cool air, you have a leak that you need to eliminate.
  • Watch The Humidity – This is a tip that very few homeowners know and use, but it is a very helpful one. When the temperature is very high, your AC fan should be set to the highest speed. But when the humidity spikes, the fan speed should be adjusted to low. This is because the slower air movement will help to remove moisture from the air. Reducing the humidity in your home will make it feel cooler and more comfortable. And the lower fan speed will also drop your electric bill. It is a true win/win.
  • Maintenance – You need to spend a little bit of money to save a lot of money. And that has never been more true than when you are thinking about your home’s air conditioning system. Keeping the AC unit in top condition will allow it to operate at peak energy efficiency. This will drop your operating cost AND keep your home cooler. And don’t forget that your ductwork is an integral part of your AC system. Regular cleaning and inspections will ensure that the cool air can circulate quickly and completely through your home.

If you have any questions or concerns about following these tips or discover a problem with your AC unit call 806-583-3558, speak to a pro at Action Air Plumbing and Septic. Our team of factory-trained technicians is here to help you 24/7, so you never need to suffer through a hot and sleepless night. And if you cannot recall the last time that your air conditioner serviced, give us a call to schedule a service inspection. We offer complete price quotes on any work that we recommend and our full parts and labor warranty back every job we do.


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