Most homeowners tend to overlook or not even notice the usual droning sounds of their home. It could be the dishwasher running, the ice maker refilling, or the furnace running. They are simply the sounds of home. And if they slowly increase, you might never notice them. But eventually, one sound will become dominant, and you know it is time to investigate and find a solution. When that loudest sound is your furnace, it is vital to find the racket’s source and the solution before there is permanent damage to your home’s only heat source. But with so many components and moving parts, it can be a challenge to find the reason for the commotion.


A high pitched whistle is incredibly annoying and is often due to a leak in the ductwork. But the issue could also be that your furnace is gasping for air through a dirty air filter.

THE SOLUTION : First, pull out and inspect the furnace filter to ensure it is not caked with dust and dirt. If it is, replace it and see if that quiets the wheezing and whistling. If the noise continues, there is most likely a leak in a duct. If you cannot locate and repair the leak yourself, contact your trusted HVAC company for some help.


If the annoying whistling is coming directly from your furnace unit, then the issue could be a worn-out fan. A handy homeowner searching for a DIY project could investigate further to see if the fan is being obstructed, damaged, or is worn out. Added wear and tear is the typical result after many months of a dirty air filter. That blockage causes the fan to be overworked and fail.

THE SOLUTION : You can strap on a tool belt to make the replacement or call your HVAC folks to take care of the replacement for you. In the future, try to be more religious about inspecting your furnace filter monthly and replace as needed to maximize the new fan’s life.


In most cases, if your furnace is still functioning correctly, an odd rattle or humming is not a serious issue related to the unit’s function. Instead, it is due to a tiny amount of the entire unit’s movement when it is in operation. You might not even be able to see it sway or shimmy from side to side, but it might be noticeable if you place your hand on it while it is running. This almost imperceptible motion is causing all the noise you hear in your house.  


Your furnace should be mounted with screws or bolts to hold it in place. Check to see if any of these fasteners is loose and can be tightened to stop the noise. If that simple fix does not do the trick, then a blanket of softer wood or cork should silence the beast. Check your local big-box store or call your favorite HVAC team to help you eliminate this sound.


Sadly, everything, including humans and furnaces, tends to creak and make odd noises as they age. And when your furnace begins to sound like a bowl of Rice Crispy cereal, full of snaps, crackles and pops, then it is time to consider a replacement. These sounds are the death rattle of an elderly furnace.

THE SOLUTION : A replacement furnace might not be on your top ten list of exciting things to do this year, but it should be added. Once you reach the constant buzz, rattle, and hum phase, you will soon also be facing a no heating phase. Proactively replacing your furnace before it heaves it’s last breath of warm air could save you from a few frigid nights with no heat.

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