Natural gas plays an extremely important role in households all across America. From heating our homes to providing a means of cooking to heating water for nice, hot showers, natural gas is an economical fuel source that keeps many of us comfortable. Most of the energy produced that provides us with electricity in Lubbock, TX comes from the combustion of natural gas.

Most of us probably never think about our gas lines, let alone maintaining them. However, having your gas lines inspected and maintained once a year is a good idea and a simple preventive measure. Here are some reasons to add gas line maintenance to your spring to-do list.

Prevents Leaks

The main reason to have your gas lines inspected is to look for leaks and areas that have the potential of developing a leak. When you have your gas lines inspected by a professional, they will look for signs of corrosion. Natural gas is naturally corrosive and will slowly eat away at the pipe and cause weak spots where leaks can form. If any signs of corrosion are found, they can be addressed before they result in a leak. Being proactive about warding off leaks can also save you money in the future. Since you will be preventing leaks, you won’t have to worry about a surprise gas bill that is sky high.

When the weather changes from cool and damp to hot and dry, it can be the tipping point for an unmaintained gas line. Gas expands when it gets hot outside. If your gas pipes are damaged or weak, the expanded gas can acutely crack the pipe and send gas spewing into the environment or your home. This makes spring a great time to have your gas lines inspected before the upper 90s of a hot Lubbock, TX summer arrive.

Ensures Home Safety

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous. They can cause explosions and even death. This makes it important to make sure all parts of a gas line and any appliance that utilizes gas are working properly. When you schedule gas line maintenance with Action, we will make sure that all the connections are secure and each valve at every appliance is in good condition and working properly.

Let Us Inspect Your Gas Lines

Action Air Plumbing and Septic is a locally owned company that has been serving the Lubbock area with trusted plumbing and air conditioning services for over 35 years. We are a licensed and insured company, and our plumbers are always uniformed and certified. Customer satisfaction, fast and reliable service, and honest pricing are our priorities. Call us today to schedule your gas line inspection and check it off your spring to-do list!

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