Lubbock, TX enjoys hot steamy summers that can turn into frigid winters quickly. Before the wintry weather hits or a major storm arrives, ensure your home’s heating system is up to keeping your family cozy. Having a professional inspect your heating system before winter can help you save money, enjoy better air quality, find and fix issues, and thoroughly clean the system.

Save Money

When you call Action Air & Plumbing for maintenance on your heating system this fall, our experts will check, clean, perform routine maintenance, and repair the system. Our goal is to make sure the system is clean and functional. This will find and fix minor malfunctions before they turn into more extensive repairs later on. Doing this in the fall makes sure your heating system is functioning efficiently before cold weather hits. This can also help reduce your utility bills this winter.

Enjoy Better Air Quality

Good air quality is essential for keeping the family healthy during the winter. Our preventative maintenance will make sure that air can flow freely through all parts of your home. Checking filters and cleaning the ducts also reduce particles in the air that irritate the respiratory system.

Have a Safer Heating System

Cleaning the heating system is an in-depth process that is better left for professionals to complete. With expertise and specialized tools, the heating system can be ready for winter without the smell of burning or smoke passing through the home. A proper cleaning before the system is used will remove any potential fire hazards, like leaves, dirt, and collected dust before they can cause a problem.

Avoid Costly Breakdowns

Older heating systems wear down with use. Finding and repairing any damages before the system breaks down is critical for your system’s longevity. We can make all those minor repairs to keep your system working all winter long. If you wait until your system breaks down, it can leave you out in the cold and may take longer to get it fixed than during the off-season.

A properly heated home is necessary during winter. Remembering to get your inspection before the weather begins to cool is essential. Waiting until you need the heat in your home can lead to expensive emergency repairs, a freezing home, and a risk to the health and comfort of your family. Now is the time to contact Action Air & Plumbing to schedule the inspection and maintenance of your heating unit so you can stay warm and cozy this winter.

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