Your home depends on the gas service that comes to it to effectively heat your home or water, dry your clothes, cook your food, or any combination of these. Many well-meaning homeowners think they can easily install or repair their own gas lines. Consider these four reasons why you should trust your gas installation and repairs to a trained professional.

It’s Just Safer

Dealing with gas is incredibly dangerous without proper training, both when installing and repairing gas appliances and lines. Without knowing how to properly manage and seal the system, you may end up with a pinhole leak, letting gas into your home.

These leaks have two possible dangers. The most obvious is the explosion risk when the gas builds up and encounters a spark. However, there’s also the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning that can result from a gas leak.

Avoid Building Code Violations

The city of Lubbock requires that a permit is pulled whenever gas work is completed in your home. While a homeowner can pull the permits, this also means that you will need an inspection after you have completed the work.

Without the knowledge of the local building codes, you may very well find your work violates those regulations. Licensed plumbers are not only experts in the work but are also well-versed in the codes regulating its installation and maintenance. Turning to a professional from the beginning prevents you from having to redo work or hire a plumber to fix what you started.

Protect Your Insurance Coverage

In addition to protecting yourself from local code violations, working with a professional plumber also protects your insurance coverage. Many homeowner insurance policies stipulate that any work of this nature is conducted by a licensed professional. This is in an effort to protect you and your home from the potential damage of improper gas work.

Combine With Appliance Installation and Repair

Plumbers who are experts in gas work are also trained in the repair of appliances that use that gas. That means when you work with a professional plumber, you can solve both your line issues and have appliance work done in the same visit. This saves you time and money by not having to schedule and pay a second service visit fee.

Not Just Any Plumber

As you look for a plumber, you want to be sure you’re working with a properly trained professional. While gas plumbers are qualified to work on water and sewage lines, the opposite is not true. You should make sure the plumber conducting the work is properly trained and certified to perform work on your gas system.

Your Lubbock, TX area home and family are worth keeping safe by hiring a professional to handle your gas needs. Call to schedule your gas line repair or installation with one of our expert plumbers at Action Air Plumbing and Septic.

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