Backflow Testing: The Key to Keeping You and Your Family Healthy

close-up of ruptured sewer rusty pipeline which cause sewage leakage stream and pollution. old infrastructure issues in the city construction site

Backflow is when water that is supposed to enter or leave your home changes direction and goes the opposite way than what is intended. When backflow occurs, contaminants can enter the water supply because dirty water gets mixed in with the clean water. Some common contaminants you may find in the water supply when backflow […]

4 Reasons to Trust Pros to Install and Repair Your Gas Lines

Welding of copper pipe of a methane gas pipeline or of a conditioning or water system

Your home depends on the gas service that comes to it to effectively heat your home or water, dry your clothes, cook your food, or any combination of these. Many well-meaning homeowners think they can easily install or repair their own gas lines. Consider these four reasons why you should trust your gas installation and […]