Well-kept drains make it easier to do things such as cooking and cleaning in your Lubbock, TX home. Having your home’s drains cleaned at least once a year by our professional plumbers has many benefits for homeowners.

We’ve been in business since 1985. Our experts know how to keep unwanted odors away from your home and help you avoid potentially dangerous health hazards. Autumn is an excellent time to get this task off your to-do list. This way, you can ensure your drains are not clogged and start your holiday preparation plans with peace of mind.

Food Waste

Garbage disposals have long been used to help break up food waste. They are a great convenience, but they may have given homeowners a false sense of security. In many instances, having a garbage disposal can encourage homeowners to put heaps of food waste in the disposal rather than in a garbage pail.

Putting everything down the drain can quickly lead to clogs. The same is true of kitchen grease. The grease cools as it flows down the pipes and builds up. The sink will drain slower and eventually become completely clogged.

Having the sink back up when trying to get the turkey on the table is no fun. Get your drains cleaned this autumn to reduce the real possibility of clogged drains during the holidays.

Holiday House Guests

Autumn is when many cherished holidays take place. As a Lubbock, TX homeowner, you want to invite friends and family to your home to enjoy the season with you. You don’t want your guests confronting problems in your home, such as water on the floor from clogged drains, toilets that aren’t working, and bad smells permeating every room.

The more people in the home, the harder your plumbing system has to work. Don’t wait until the toilets are plugged and the shower won’t drain to get your plumbing maintained.

Before Winter Weather Conditions Begin

Fall is a good time to get your winter home preparations in gear. Snow and ice are common during winters in Lubbock, TX. People tend to spend more time indoors when the outdoor temperatures drop. This means more strain on your home’s plumbing system. Our drain cleaning services will ensure that all areas of your home are ready for the upcoming winter season.

Your Lubbock, TX home should be in good working order this fall. Contact our highly skilled plumbers right now to make sure your drains are fully functional.

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