When the weather in Lubbock, TX starts to become frosty and cold, that’s a sign that it’s time to prepare your air conditioning unit for the winter. Otherwise, on a rare hot day during the winter, when you try to use your AC, you could find that it is blocked with debris or has other issues that keep it from functioning correctly.

Fortunately, a little preparation can take care of your AC for the winter and ensure that it stays in good working order the whole year round.

Turn the Unit Off

When the cold weather starts, and you know that you won’t need to use your AC for a while, find your unit’s “off” switch if it has one. Otherwise, access your home’s breaker panel and turn the AC switch to the “off” position. This will help protect it from experiencing any power surges that may happen during winter weather events.

Turning off the power to your AC also prevents any electrocution risk while cleaning and maintaining the unit. Keeping the power off for the winter also prevents it from turning on during an unseasonably hot day and keeps out moisture that could later freeze and damage the unit.

If your AC winds up frozen, do not pour hot water, use a hair dryer, or try to break the ice with a sharp object because you can damage the unit. You will need a professional to come out and perform maintenance.

Perform Ongoing Maintenance

A few minutes of weekly air conditioner preventative maintenance is worth a lot, considering the cost of repairs or a new unit. Inspect your AC unit once a week or so, and sweep away leaves, pinecones and needles, twigs, and other debris.

Even though you won’t be using the unit for a few months, now is an excellent time to change out the filter inside your home. Dirty air conditioner filters make the unit work harder, and your home’s air quality suffers. The unit is ready to go on the first warm day with a fresh filter.

We’re Here to Help

Seasonal AC maintenance is necessary to keep your unit in good working shape for years to come. Our professional staff can provide seasonal or ongoing maintenance and additional testing, cleaning, and optimizing for your system. We can help you save money with lower utility bills and a system that lasts for many years.

We also have economically priced maintenance agreements, so you never have to worry about scheduling routine services. Put your AC maintenance on autopilot and call Action Air Plumbing and Septic in Lubbock, TX today!

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