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Why You Should Add Gas Line Maintenance to Your Spring Checklist

Row of utility meters outside an old brick apartment complex

Natural gas plays an extremely important role in households all across America. From heating our homes to providing a means of cooking to heating water for nice, hot showers, natural gas is an economical fuel source that keeps many of us comfortable. Most of the energy produced that provides us with electricity in Lubbock, TX […]

4 Reasons to Trust Pros to Install and Repair Your Gas Lines

Welding of copper pipe of a methane gas pipeline or of a conditioning or water system

Your home depends on the gas service that comes to it to effectively heat your home or water, dry your clothes, cook your food, or any combination of these. Many well-meaning homeowners think they can easily install or repair their own gas lines. Consider these four reasons why you should trust your gas installation and […]

4 Reasons Why You Need Regular HVAC Maintenance

Trained hvac technician holding a voltage meter, performing preventative maintenance on a air conditioning condenser unit

In winter, most people in Lubbock, TX spend lots of time at home, bundled up with the heater on. Whenever the weather is extreme — and winter temperatures in Lubbock have been known to dip into the single digits — you’re forced to rely more on your HVAC system to remain comfortable. Over time, that […]

6 Ways Water Lines Get Damaged

As a homeowner in Lubbock, TX, you have a responsibility to keep everything in your home maintained. This also includes the water lines that are a part of your plumbing system. A burst pipe causes damage, no matter if it’s located in your walls or underground. Below we’ll discuss ways your water lines get damaged. […]

Should You Repair Your Own Gas Lines?

In the day and age of do-it-yourselfers, it’s not uncommon to try and fix issues with your home. In some cases, this can end up saving you money as opposed to calling in a professional. However, there are just some repair projects, such as gas lines, that should be left up to the expertise of […]

A Simple Cleaning Tip For Your Showerheads And Sink Faucets

We all have little indulgences that keep us motivated and happy. Some look for the relaxation of a steaming hot shower, while others prefer a soak in a tub of fragrant warm water. But have you ever stopped to take a close look at the plumbing fixtures that make our little rituals and routines possible? […]

Cashing In On The Value Of Heating System Maintenance

Every household relies on their furnace to keep warm in the wintertime. But it can be so easy to forget about that virtual device in the warmer weather. Then on that first cold night of the fall, you flip the switch on the furnace and hope that it will not let you down. As you […]

Tips To Help You Safely Unclog A Toilet

It always seems like your home’s toilet clogs at the worst possible time. You could be getting ready to go to work or head to bed, but it never happens when you have nothing pressing to take care of or no place you need to go. So while it is tempting to close the bathroom […]

Are Space Heaters A Safe Alternative Heat Source?

Many homeowners try to keep their home heating costs down by using a space heater to warm a small area of their house. And while these devices do deliver a lot of heat in a small space, they also represent some significant risks, including a house fire or injury to your loved ones. In addition, […]

3 Significant Problems Related To Old Plumbing Lines

While you might have fallen in love with all the character and history wrapped up in your older home, be sure that you remain attentive to the potential associated issues with older water lines and plumbing. Most homeowners think that older homes were built with more attention to detail, quality materials, and workmanship, which will […]